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TV world: growing up

In edition to watching shows about zombies (I’ve also recently finished the last two books in the Newsflesh trilogy and my brain is still trying to untangle itself from that reality. Definitely a series worth checking out if you want to read about a zombie apocalypse in a wildly different world (see: bloggers, virology, science!). Not the best writing, but the trilogy’s concept/world building is so worth it.), I love watching shows about growing up and dealing with the “actual world.”

These shows just feel so real and relatable and are a nice (but also depressing) break from other shows out there that are more about specific situations/jobs (crime, firefighting, medicine) or different worlds (fantasy, sci-fi) rather than the real world and the everyday.

Not going to talk about My So-Called Life or Undeclared or Freaks and Geeks because I’ve already covered them here.

So what shows could I possibly be talking about? (more…)

TV world: zombie edition.

So… it’s no secret among my friends that I watch a ton of tv shows. Now that I’m out of school, for some reason, I’ve (ironically?) actually cut down on the number of shows I’m watching. I watch shows of various, various genres (sci-fi, fantasy, drama, comedy, foreign, period pieces, etc.) so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite and different shows I’ve watched in the last few years in a series of posts (tag: TV world)

For reference, the shows I’m currently watching that are new to me are: Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Orphan Black (back on Saturday yo!), The Mindy Project, Skins (UK), Parenthood, Once Upon a Time, Parks and Recreation… and I think that’s it. I’ve also been rewatching House and Gilmore Girls in my spare time.

I haven’t had time or had the energy to track down some of the classics (mainly The Sopranos lol. I’ve watched the beginnings of The Wire, Twin Peaks, Oz and I’ll finish those in due time) so this list might be biased towards shows from the 2000’s-present.

I also have a post on my top shows that got cancelled prematurely, here, and I won’t mention those shows since I’ve already talked about them. But you should watch them all so you can join me in being angry that they didn’t get more tv time.

But let’s talk about zombies…


TV world: cancelled.

Top 5 shows that met their early demise

If there’s one entertainment related thing I know about, it’s TV shows. Now I’m sure most people who’ve grown up with the habit of watching television know of at least one show that has met its demise way too early on. I’m just going to go through some of my favorite shows (two season or fewer, so VMars won’t count). So after a week of typing and wikipedia-ing, I give you, without further ado, my list of top 5 shows that were cancelled too early. Gird your loins for a wall of text to follow. (more…)