too faced

Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

I recently got into eyeshadows, especially since I started my third rotation a few weeks ago. I figured that since I knew no one in this lab before starting, they wouldn’t know or think it was weird that I was suddenly wearing more makeup. Plus, my field (synthetic biology) is oddly male-dominated, at least among the graduate students. I say it’s odd because overall, the field of bioengineering typically has a higher percentage of females than other engineering disciplines do. In my current rotation, most of the postdocs that I work with are male too, so based on prior experience (not stereotypes, I hope), I figured that they wouldn’t notice or care about a bit of eyeshadow.

Another reason was that I recently read this rather old thread on reddit, where a girl observes people’s reactions when she wears varying amounts of makeup.