My Everlane Closet

OK, I’m alive – really I am. Kind of winded by the impending end of classes and my rotations, but it’ll be fine. It’s crazy that my first year of grad school is coming to a close! Soon I’ll have to choose a dissertation lab and start research for real – eep!

But enough chit chat, here’s the clothes.

In my defense, most of my clothing purchases in the past three months were from Everlane. I got maybe a cami and a few thrift store purchases, but that’s it for clothes! Really it is! (more…)


We interrupt this broadcast… (A day in the city)

I know, I still have more than a week’s worth of Asia trippin’ to blog about. Just wanted to post an update about a recent exciting purchase…

The Jo Malone Blackbery & Bay Cologne!!