Top Three #2

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Time for another top three!

1. Wildlife by La Dispute [music]

I’ve mentioned this band so many times on this blog but these guys are just so amazing. I’ve been listening exclusively to their earlier two full lengths and they get better each time.

2. Textured Cross-Back Pullover from Banana Republic [fashion/shopping]

This sweater was on sale last week and with an extra 50% off (ended up being $25!), I couldn’t help but pick it up. I usually don’t understand/like many trends but this crossback design caught my eye and I feel like I can still wear it after it’s no longer trendy (I see similar designs everywhere so I’m assuming it’s a trend…). I love the color (I got the light blue one), the feel of the fabric (weighted and textured but cool), the different ways (sleeveless or long sleeve collared button up underneath, tank underneath, paired with a jacket/scarf) I can wear it, the way it looks on me and how I don’t have anything like it. So much win.

3. Peaches/nectarines [food]

Summer is possibly my least favorite month of the year (yeah, I know). I hate the heat/sun, sweating, the clothing and especially here in Michigan, the humidity. However, the one saving grace of summer are the fruit. I love peaches and nectarines. I buy maybe 5-10 a week to keep up with my cravings. I’ve only been able to find good yellow peaches and nectarines so far but I’m hoping the white ones (I could probably only eat white peaches and nectarines for the rest of my life) will be available soon! So so yummy. Thank you nature!

Those are my (maybe trivial) top three things at the moment. I’m going to try and write up Everlane reviews later today (I think I have like 5+ items). But I did a huge Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic haul that I just took all the pics for… So there’s that coming up. 😁


October 2014 Clothing Budget

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Serious, serious damage was done this month, people. The shopping addiction that I managed to curb last year is back and rearing its ugly head. I’m a bit disappointed in myself for going way over my clothing budget especially since I overspent in other categories too. Some household supplies were needed and ordered, and a Costco haul happened since my roommate and I planned and hosted a Halloween party for some of our fellow grad students. On the positive side, I feel a lot closer to these people now that I’ve seen them drunk. 😉

Anyway, onto the purchases. The final prices listed include tax and shipping where appropriate. Since I bought so much, I decided to include my main favorite purchases (noted by a *) in the collage.


my tired brain originally called this “November Favorites” but it’s been corrected. sorry for any confusion! lol


September 2014 Clothing Budget

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This month, I realized my school’s basic (free) health insurance plan provides more than enough services for my needs so I’ve decided to add the $50 I was planning to set aside for insurance to my monthly clothing budget resulting in $200/month. Also, in my August budget part 2 post, I gave myself a lump sum of $350 for the next 3 months to buy winter gear, and I’ll be including those purchases in this post as well.

Here’s what I got this month:


September 2014 purchases


August 2014 Clothing Budget

Since my last budget post, I’ve moved across the country, set up my new living space and got all settled in in this sleepy but charming town.

Last month, I definitely went over my proposed $150 clothing budget by about $150 so I decided to go on a clothing-buying ban. Which has worked out since I was busy most of the entire month of August packing and shipping stuff and didn’t have time to shop. And while I’ve looked up the malls and shopping centers near me, I have yet to go check them out (still trying to figure out public transportation routes).

However, darn you labor day sales! They came right at the end of this month and some things I’ve been eying (there’s that word yet again) went on sale and I couldn’t resist. So I made an Old Navy purchase but since it hasn’t shipped, let alone arrived yet, I’m not counting them as part of my August budget. And I got a potential winter coat. They’ll be included in next month’s post since I don’t know if I’ll be keeping everything. I also bought a few posters for my new room but I have a separate “entertainment” (lol) section of my budget for those but I’ll also share them here next month because they’re too awesome not to share.

My budget: $150 $0 (self declared shopping ban)

Spent: $0

So I’m declaring this a successful budgeting month haha (despite the near $1000 my parents graciously spent getting me furniture and basic living supplies ._. The little things add up!)

Here’s a photo of my hallway to keep this from being a photo-less post:


my “back yard” is a mini forest. nature!

I’m also putting a post together about moving if you’re interested in that, so stay tuned. I haven’t had much time to flesh it out since it’s been a busy 2.5 weeks and classes start in a few days.

Linking up with other budgeting bloggers over at Franish. 🙂

July 2014 Clothing Budget

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In two months time, I’ll start receiving my graduate student stipend, and this will be the first time I’ll have a fixed month-to-month income and not have my parents provide me with my spending money.

I thought now would be a good time to start keeping account of my monthly clothing purchases. I’ve already drawn up an Excel spreadsheet listing my estimated monthly income, and I’m going to try to keep my clothing budget to $150 (maybe less, have to gauge things a bit) a month starting in August, but for July, I just want to see where I currently stand.

Keep in mind July was/is always a big spending month for me. July 4th sales plus other big sales nudge me into spending more than most months. I also made about $100 this month from selling some clothes from my stockpile of clothes that are like new or new and just sitting in my closet unworn (recently accepted I’m likely a low level hoarder), but I try to save this money rather than spend it.

What I got this month (pricing guide: original price final price including 8.75% sales tax): (more…)

Review + comparison: Everlane Men’s Crew, Women’s V and Women’s Box Cut shirts + measurements

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So… I couldn’t resist getting a few more Everlane shirts. Especially since my favorite colors, moss and huckleberry, seem to be in the process of being phased out. The three shirts I got were: the Men’s Crew in Huckleberry (XS), the Women’s V in Antique (S) and the Women’s U-Neck in Moss (S). I also got the Women’s Cotton Box Cut Tee in White (S) in a separate order. The Men’s Crew, Women’s V and Box Cut shirts are new to me.

hello, gorgeous

hello, gorgeous
not pictured is the women’s box cut tee in white

TL;DR version? Like the men’s crew. Dislike the women’s vneck tee. Love the women’s box cut tee and uneck tee.


Things I want: 3.1 Phillip Lim Wednesday Bag

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Why hello, gorgeous.

3.1 Phillip Lim Wednesday Leather Shoulder Bag

I have my eye on you. I’ve been on the search for a versatile black crossbody bag. After debating for a while, I bought a vintage Coach Willis bag off ebay a few months ago in dark brown and decided the bag wasn’t for me. It was a little larger than I anticipated, despite measuring out the bag’s measurements and the style wasn’t as appealing to me in person. So my search continued.

Enter the Wednesday Bag by Phillip Lim. I wasn’t initially drawn to the bag like I was with the Willis, but I had a ton of tabs open after browsing Nordstrom. In the end, this bag and the mini Pashli were the only tabs left. The Pashli is on my wishlist; its design is unusual but since it seems like a lot of people own one, the design becomes a little less unique. Blame my hipster-ness due to my upbringing and environment (SF/Bay Area = hipster capital, along with Seattle).

I’ve never seen the Wednesday bag before and kind of fell in love with it. It meets all my requirements: removable and adjustable long strap, easy but secure clasp closure, minimal color, flap design, short strap/handle, leather, interior and exterior pockets and small unique details like studs on the adjustable the short handle or feet or an all-black design. Love that the studs and all-black color adds some edge to the look of the bag (I’ve realized I’ve been dressing more like a prep school kid and want some more excitement in my wardrobe lol).

The only down side is the price. At a whopping $875 buck-a-roos, it looked like this bag would remain on my wishlist forever. However/fortunately, due to my recent trip to Taiwan, I’ve, ahem, acquired a few red envelopes that would help cover half the cost. I’m still not entirely sure I’m ready to cough up about $400 of my savings for this bag, so I’ve decided to wait to get this a few months into graduate school, where I might be able to save up a few hundred more dollars using my stipend (thank you for being cheaper than California, Midwest). Crossing my fingers that this bag will still be available by the end of the year.

Sighing forever.