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SF eats: Craftsman & Wolves

Hello again. (Hi, Amy.)

I haven’t been posting here so frequently these days, and it’s not for any good reason – I just keep forgetting. (And, lab isn’t always so thrilling for the general populace, you know?)

Anyways. I just wanted to pop by and say that I was biking in San Francisco today and stopped by Craftsman & Wolves, a bakery in the Mission. It’s a super hipster spot with industrial-looking decor, a few doors down from Dandelion Chocolate (highly recommend – their hot chocolate is amazing, if you don’t think about it too hard and realize you just spent an exorbitant amount on a small cup of hot chocolate. They also have free house-made marshmallows!).

But back to Craftsman & Wolves. I ordered the Rebel Within, which is a savory muffin with cheese, sausage, and green onions mixed into the batter. At the center is a soft-boiled egg, which I realize is a highly polarizing food, like olives or mushrooms. I am personally a huge huge fan of runny yolks.

And oh my god you guys/gals, the muffin was amazing and transformative. I don’t know how they baked a perfectly shaped soft boiled egg into a muffin, but it was cooked just right – runny yolk, mostly solid white. The only downside is that it was room temperature; if it was warm, I don’t even know, I might have eaten two right then and there.

They also had cashew curry cookies, which looked really interesting. I would have tried one if I hadn’t just spent $7 on a (beautiful, beautiful) muffin.

Business on the outside, party on the inside.

Business on the outside, party on the inside.


SF eats: Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous

2014-05-09 17.02.06

Background reading.

Let me talk to you about one of my favorite ice cream shops. I tend to think of myself as a rather avid fan of ice cream, and I am the first to suggest scoping out a new ice cream spot. Though Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous is not exactly new (they opened almost exactly four years ago, in May 2010), it was way out in Dogpatch and I never had reason to go there until I started working in a nearby lab. Now, of course, it’s a nice excuse to take a break from lab and go on a short bike ride in the warm sunshine – or extreme gusty winds, as was the case today. Their hours can be a little odd and unpredictable, and sometimes you’ll go on a Saturday afternoon and find that there’s a half hour-long line stretched out the door. But! It’s good ice cream, man. What can I say?

SF eats: Outer Richmond

Since Amy detailed the shopping aspects of our San Francisco excursion, I suppose it is only fitting that I outline the eats! Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera on this trip, nor did I take phone pics. I suppose you will just have to imagine it 😦

I make it a point to try to eat at at least one new place every time I come to SF, preferably on my list of places to eat. This time around, we ventured out to Outer Richmond for some dumpling goodness. Outer Richmond is in the boonies where MUNI is scarce, so it was nice to stop by this area that we would never otherwise visit.

First stop was Shanghai Dumpling King. Their xiaolongbao (小籠包) had pretty big shoes to fill – Joe’s Shanghai in New York was pretty darn good and soupy. But it went fine, these were great. The green onion pancake (蔥油大餅) was pretty bomb too. It was flakier and slightly thicker than normal, which is possibly where the 大 comes in, in 蔥油大餅. We also got pork buns, whose name escapes me. They were incredibly hot, temperature-wise, but as the impatient folk we are, we ate them piping hot anyways. By the age of forty I expect to have burned off all my taste buds. The final dish was the glorious egg puff, which to be honest sounds difficult to mess up (but, what do I know?). It’s basically just fried eggy dough covered with sugar. Simple and awesome.

Then we headed over two blocks to Purple Kow, which specializes in particularly squat, wide cups of PMT. For those uninitiated, at least in the Bay Area we say PMT (pearl milk tea), but boba is an acceptable term if you must. Bubble tea, while cutesy, is stretching it. It’s been awhile since I got tapioca pearls, since I usually opt for rainbow jelly or some kind of pudding. The drink was pretty great (I got honey milk black tea), although the size was a bit overwhelming. The wait was long, but not as bad as Tpumps in San Mateo – 1 hour for a PMT is dedication.

Still full,