Why hello again.

I know, I know, I have not updated in forever and a day. Definitely thought I’d have time after finals, but clearly having time and having motivation are two distinct things. (You’d think that after 17.5 years of schooling I would have learned this, but apparently I have not.*)

So what have I been up to these past few weeks?  (more…)

My day shopping with a J. Crew employee

Title pretty much sums it up. My friend came up to visit so we met up in SF at the mall (I just made myself giggle- thanks a lot HIMYM). She’s currently working at a J. Crew Factory while looking for a non-retail job and today, I got to experience some of her employee perks.

Our first stop was Madewell. Because they’re sister companies, my friend’s 30% employee discount applied to almost everything in the store. When we walked in, she had to announce herself to the management of the store and they gave her a list (three pages long!) of the items that employees had special/additional discounts on (e.g. items that are 60% off list price) but I don’t think these discounted items can get an additional 30% employee discount, but no one’s complaining. There was also a list of exclusions (fairly short compared to the special discount one) where even her 30% off discount didn’t apply (e.g. leather leggings). And anything not on the special price or exclusion list was eligible for 30% off (including sale items, stackable with any sale promotions).

Needless to say, I went a little crazy. I didn’t get too crazy, but I did end up buying more stuff than my friend (lol). I ended up with a skirt that I’m not sure where I’ll wear, but it’s emerald green and fit amazingly so I couldn’t resist. I also managed to pick up a denim shirt I’ve been eying for months. Together, they make a new outfit so yay? Also, I really want this Penfield shirt (to go with my beloved kasson).

I also got a pair of Happy Socks (for boots). Altogether, I spent (aka friend bought, I paid her back) about $60 including tax (skirt- $30, shirt- $20, socks- $5). And wow, I never want to shop at Madewell without my friend ever ever again.

At J. Crew, instead of a paper list, she was handed an iPad with a case that had a handle with the list on it. I don’t even know. I didn’t look at this list because I didn’t really want to buy anymore stuff, but I found a flannel button up that I wanted and it was on the list! However, it was still a bit pricey (since J. Crew tends to be marked up more than Madewell, the discounted items weren’t as “cheap”) so I decided to wait until it hits the sale rack. Crazy stuff… almost makes me want to work at J. Crew or Madewell, but my friend’s working Black Friday and she has to do night shifts and fold clothes until the wee hours of the night when there’re new clothes, so I’ll pass for now. But it was super cool and nice of her to let me get to use her discount(s)!

On another note, holy crap there are so many things I want from Old Navy right now. Tammy got a peacoat last time we went to SF and I liked it so much that I later also bought one online (we both got it in S). I went to try some of items I’ve been wanting and my goodness, I need to get a job. The pretty things: infinity scarf (Tammy got one of these too and it’s oh so soft), honeycomb-knit sweater (I want all the colors; S for normal fit or M for an oversized fit), blanket coat (XS was the way to go with this one) and flannel shirt. I also need a new pair of flannel pajama pants (mine are 2+ years old and have holes in awkward places). I want all the things in all the colors.


Shopping, these days

My main goal in shopping of late was to find a pair of dark-wash blue jeans. My last, very beloved Gap skinnies was infected with steadily-growing inner thigh holes for which I blame biking (but maybe it’s just my thighs). I wore them constantly since they were my last pair that were not hot pink or green, and that certainly compounded the problem. In the end I had to bid them adieu. After much hemming, hawing, and dragging of the feet, I finally drove myself to the nearest Nordstrom Rack for the thankless task of jeans shopping, emerging with a pretty solid pair of jeans. We shall see how it lasts. Maybe I should get it a friend.

J.Crew Three-Quarter Sleeve Stretch Perfect Shirt in white

J.Crew Three-Quarter Sleeve Stretch Perfect Shirt

Scored this bad boy at Goodwill for $10. Brand-spanking new, and not even any sweat stains! (Ten points for Gryffindor!!) My goal is to thrift an array of these shirts in every color of the rainbow. I’ve got grey and white so far.

According to my spreadsheet, five of my last seven clothing purchases have been from J.Crew. This may or may not be a problem. (None of them were full price, thankfully.)

Next up: this wallet.

Kate Spade Grove Court Lacey in Shamrock/True Navy

Kate Spade Grove Court Lacey in Shamrock/True Navy

Ohhhhhmyyyygod I have been wanting a big-girl wallet for so long. For the past ten years, I’ve been using a $1 wallet my grandpa found at a garage sale (thanks, grandpa! best bang for the buck ever), and I’ve discovered that trifold wallets really bug me because the bills get folded unevenly. I wanted my new wallet to be a Really Good One, preferably a continental wallet, but could never stomach the $200 price tag of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Slim Zip or the Kate Spade Lacey. This weekend, finding the Grove Court Lacey on sale with 25% on top, I finally pulled the trigger. Although I rather prefer the MbMJ’s slightly smaller size, I really like the Kate Spade nameplate on this one. Plus, it’s so pretty, and it’s >50% off!

Anyways, that will hopefully be the last of my recreational shopping for awhile. Gotta save up for housewares!