Studying for the GRE: The Day(s) After

I was originally going to make a post the night I got back from the GRE but I was way too exhausted plus I had a headache for hours afterward. The test itself wasn’t too bad, but I just wasn’t mentally or physically prepared for the 4.5 hour test. I bolded some of the things that I think might be most important/helpful: (more…)


Studying for the GRE: Day 1-2

I initially told myself I would spend a month studying for this test. But due to unforseen (aka procrastination) circumstances, I have one week between my final (summer school) and my scheduled GRE test date (8/26).

So. The books are Barron’s New GRE (no CD, 19th ed) and The Princeton Review (TPR)’s Cracking the GRE (2013). I bought two because together, they were barely over $25 and I needed $25 for free shipping on Amazon. I actually think I’ll only have time to go through Barron’s and I’ll skim over the questions in TPR’s if I have time.

While today technically isn’t the first day I’m studying for the GRE (more like day 4), I have now until next Monday devoted to only studying for the GRE. Let’s hope I can get my act together. 90th percentile, here I come.