berkeley eats

Berkeley eats: Purple Kow

Amy and I first went to Purple Kow over the summer in San Francisco’s Outer Richmond. However, as those familiar with San Francisco’s geography knows, the Outer Richmond is a mostly residential neighborhood that’s difficult to access by public transportation. The only nearby attraction is the amazing Shanghai Dumpling King, which, to be honest, may be reason enough to visit the area. Against all reason, the line for Purple Kow was long and slow. (What are people doing out here in the boonies? Do they live here? Are they visiting just for PMT?) Needless to say, we were excited when a Berkeley store opened up on Center Street.  (more…)

Berkeley eats: Grégoire

Grégoire will always have a special place in my heart that no other little Berkeley restaurant can touch (sorry Slow). I first tried Grégoire when my “foodie” friend found out I had never been there. Then she literally dragged me over to North Berkeley, where I had rarely ventured, where I got my first taste of what Grégoire.

To sum up Grégoire, it’s affordable gourmet French food which sounds like an oxymoron but pretty accurate in this case. Lunch usually consists of sandwiches and salads (~$8-10) and dinner consists of entrees (~$10-25). Desserts are available during both times. The menu changes every month with a few constant menu items like the crispy potato puffs and housemade fries. You can check their soup of the day on their menu page (link below). (more…)

Berkeley eats: Slow

I went to Slow, in Berkeley, for the first time today for lunch and it was DELECTABLE. I first heard about Slow a few months ago when it either first opened or suddenly became quite popular. It’s one of those small restaurants that serve “gourmet food at reasonable prices.” I like how they use local ingredients and you could tell everything was quite fresh. (more…)

Berkeley eats: Off the Grid, The Chairman Truck

For those who aren’t familiar with Off the Grid (OTG), it’s basically a gathering of food trucks/street food vendors that moves around San Francisco and occasionally other cities around the bay. The one in South Berkeley (the only one I’ve been to) is basically 4-6 food trucks lining a cordoned off street with a few event tents and many chairs out. The trucks come on a weekly basis to this venue and the trucks rotate so one truck might be there one week but it won’t be the next.

This post is mainly to highlight my favorite food truck at OTG: The Chairman. It’s this bright red truck that’s hard to miss and it definitely helps that they serve a reinvented version of gua4 bao1 (割包), a Taiwanese sandwich of sorts. It traditionally consists of braised pork belly, pickled vegetables and, according to this blogger, since I’m hopeless at tasting and naming spices, “ground sweet peanuts, coriander and occasionally hoisin sauce” all this between a white, puffy, slightly sweet bun. Each one is really quite small, half a 4-inch diameter circle, give or take. I’ve never been a huge fan of pork belly or hoisin sauce, but The Chairman’s reinvented gua bao is amazeballs. Like really though. (more…)