New York: the shopping

I took a much needed break during “spring break,” a term which technically applies to the undergrads but since we’re first years, our schedules are still “school-esque,” to go to New York!

This was the third time I went to New York for fun and first time I traveled with this particular friend. We had similar priorities… shop and eat, eat and shop. And maybe a museum.

And we did a lot of shopping… but even more eating. 😉 I thought I’d break up the trip into a shopping post and an eating post starting with the shopping post.

We were in New York from Monday night to Thursday noon and we allotted the entirety of Tuesday for shopping, in and around SoHo.

The two stores we wanted to hit up were & Other Stories and COS, both of which are owned by the H&M Group but only recently came to the US, with physical stores found only in New York. We spent about half of our shopping day in & Other Stories and COS. Amazing. Simply amazing.


part of the shoe section at & other stories



Quick update

Again with another quick update. As usual, being super busy with class work + lab + own time management and motivation issues. But after this Wednesday, I should finally be able to come up for air a little bit and either finish or type up some posts that I’ve been wanting to finish/type up for months… including several Everlane reviews (I’ll admit a few items are now no longer available, but pop backs do occur and I’ll talk about how to find these. Reviews will include silk, sweatshirts, long tee, sweaters and as of a few minutes ago, pants ;)), my recent trip to NY (recap of all the shopping and eating that occurred), catching up on my budget posts (I’m probably almost 6 months behind eek) and more, so stay tuned!

I just wanted to again thank anyone and everyone who has clicked on my Everlane link and made a purchase; it means a lot and hopefully the reviews have been helpful! Thanks to you, I was able to get a pair of the new wool pants that I’ve been dying to try ever since they were posted on the “coming soon” page, and I’ll definitely be putting up a review of those (there’s so much for the fit to go wrong on me from my hips to my height haha) for those who are curious as soon as I can. Also, once I have time, I’ll be editing my old Everlane posts to correctly reflect the $25 credit (used to be $15) I receive when someone makes their first purchase using my referral link.


p.s. the temperature is finally above twenty and the sun is finally out!!! i’ve been wearing a t-shirt, hoodie, cropped jeans and slip-on vans all weekend. it’s funny how much my temperature gauge is warped, seeing how for the last four months, i had to wear a puffer to be able to even walk around outside (when temperatures were often below zero). i’m so pale.

Jumping on the Kickstarter bandwagon

This post contains affiliate links (Nordstrom). All Kickstarter pledges are with my own money 🙂 .

I’m constantly discovering new ways of procrastinating. My latest discovery is Kickstarter.

Obviously Kickstarted has become a really big thing over the past couple of years but I never ventured over there because 1) I really didn’t need to spend more money and 2) Why should I hand over money to strangers? I’m clearly not a very trusting person. However, what I didn’t know was that you aren’t charged for the amount you pledge unless the project meets its minimum funding. I’m not sure why I thought you would still be charged even if the project was a bust. It seems like such a stupid/naive thought now but I thought people were crazy for putting so much faith along with their money behind the ideas of others.

But this past weekend, I found myself browsing the website to see what the fuss was about. For one, I have a few friends who have pledged to certain projects/products and received awesome items (e.g. tech, watches, etc.). I’ve also heard about projects that were such successes that they were able to start a legit company/production of said item (e.g. U-turn audio– how amazing do those turntables look? My friend bought one recently and it’s gorgeous… I may or may not be saving up for one 😉 )

Here are two projects I’ve backed in the last two days lol:


Just a little post

Still not a legit post. Still in the midst of finals week/finishing up my first rotation. Taking a break tonight before diving back into studying. At least it’ll be for immunology (a subject I actually like… versus biochem or cell bio. blech)!

Anyway, last weekend, I spent some time adding some “new” music (most of these were released at least a year ago lol) to my rotation since my playlists were getting way too familiar and boring and made me sleepy instead of keeping me awake.

Here are a few albums I’ve been listening to that I thought I’d share:

1. Rooms of the House by La Dispute

I’m absolutely obsessed with this band and album. Definitely not geared toward the average music listener with their spoken word/punk/hardcore/rock influences but man, they get it so right. Their singer’s voice doesn’t actually sound that special/unique, but it just clicks perfectly with their overall sound and he has great vocal versatility. And their instrumental parts are not too flashy to detract from the vocals and lyrics, but they have these super “catchy” melodies. I definitely think this album is less heavy than their previous releases, but shows the band’s range of sound/musicality.

I’m the absolute worst when it comes to remembering lyrics and song titles, and I usually just make up my own, but I actually went to look the lyrics up for their songs because they’re such a huge part of the overall mood/feel of the songs. Poetic and stream-of-consciousness-like lyrics. Their lyrics are usually quite meaningful and actually “deep” and it’s so nice. And the rhythm of many of their songs makes it easy for me to block out the lyrics, allowing me to really focus on my task at hand. And they happen to be from Grand Rapids, MI so whenever they mention Michigan in their lyrics, I feel all 🙂 despite having only lived in Michigan for a few months 😉

Favorites on the album: Objects in Space, For Mayor in Splitsville, SCENES FROM HIGHWAYS 1981-2009, Woman (reading)

Click here to listen to the whole album.

2. Simple Math by Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra has been on my radar for a few years but they’ve never left a large impact on me. It’s one of those bands who have a great following, but I just never “got it,” if you know what I mean. So I’ve put off listening to this album for years(!) before deciding to give it a spin the other day and I’m so happy I did. The first few songs didn’t immediately grab my attention, but oh man this album gets to good. Another band with great lyrics and singer. While I’m not in love with Andy Hull’s voice, he has so much control over his voice and he’s so emotive, much respect.

They intense in a chill way but their songs still have great drama. Would describe them of a mix of alternative, rock and indie/folk. They remind me of a more rock-influenced/”up-beat” Bon Iver (especially in the song “Deer” and I don’t like Bon Iver but I kept listening!). Loving the use of strings in this album.

It’s just a lovely album. I totally “get it” now.

Favorites on the album: Virgin, Simple Math, Apprehension

Click here to listen to the whole album.

3. 9 Dead Alive by Rodrigo y Gabriela

I love these two. Amazing, amazing guitar players and musicians. Like, the album doesn’t even do their playing justice; they’re totally a group you have to see perform live to truly understand how fantastic they are. And I haven’t even seen them live. I just know lol. I wish I’ve seen them live; must be an insane amount of energy and holy shit it’s be a mesmerizing experience (Tammy, please enlighten us with their amazingness).

To be more specific, they are an acoustic guitar duo and their music is a blend of their influences, from flamenco to metal and it’s really interesting to hear these influences come together and in their music. The first time I heard one of their songs, I didn’t realize it was just two people, one guitar each. Like I didn’t believe my friend when she told me and we had to go on Youtube so she could find proof. We spent the next hour or two looking up their live performances and just generally squeeing.

Super happy they released another album and man, it’s so great. I put it on to study and ended up just sitting there, doing nothing, during my first listen. Worth it.

Favorites on the album: Misty Moses, Sunday Neurosis, The Soundmaker, Megalopolis

Click here to listen to the whole album.

happy listening!


Quick beauty PSA

Hello all. Been super busy. Haven’t had time to write or post my budget post and probably won’t have time until after finals/end of semester.

But I just want to post this awesome deal I found the other day.

Caudalie Moisture Essential Set, $39 $29.25 via LovelySkin

This awesome Caudalie set is now $29.25 (down from $39) at LovelySkin and it contains three full sized items: the Moisturizing Sorbet (normally $39), Hand and Nail cream (normally $15) and Lip Conditioner (normally $12). The value of all three items if you bought them individually is $66! LovelySkin also offers free samples and free shipping.

As for whether the products are worth it, I received a deluxe sample of the Moisturizing Sorbet from Sephora a while ago and only recently tried it out. And oh my god it is so nice. The cold weather here has been wrecking havoc (re: dry + flakiness) on my already-inflamed (re: cystic acne 😦 ), normally-over-oily skin. Basically, my face is a fucking mess and I wanted something to moisturize and soothe while not being too heavy/pore-clogging. This product was a godsend. It isn’t hydrating enough to magically get rid of the flakiness overnight but using this moisturizer in conjunction with hydrating face masks I brought back from my last trip to Taiwan, not only has my skin started clearing up a little, but my face is slowly returning to its oily+hydrated state (never thought I’d prefer oily over dry!). I’ve been waiting to buy the full-size product from Sephora (with that $20 off $50 coupon) but when I saw this deal, I couldn’t pass it up.

The moisturizer is light and has this kind of choppy-whipped like texture. It’s hard to explain. And when it’s applied on the skin, it becomes almost liquid-y? It’s interesting… It sinks in faster than my other moisturizer and a little goes a long way. It is very lightly fragrance-d and it smells really good and calming (coming from someone who is picky about scents).

I’ve actually never tried the Hand and Nail cream before, but it gets great reviews online, and my hands need all the help they can get. I had eczema when I was younger and it’s mostly gone away except for my hands that burst into scaliness when I’m stressed (like now). And with this weather, I really needed a small hand cream to carry around. It’s only a matter of time before the cracking and bleeding begin, but I’d really like to delay this problem for as long as possible. So this product is perfect to fill my hand cream gap.

The lip conditioner is another thing I haven’t tried, but my friend who always has chapped lips swears by this lip balm and always has one on her person. Since I’m not used to this weather (and by this weather, I mean anywhere between -1 to 35 degrees F), my lips have also been rebelling and chapping like crazy which is something I’ve never really experienced before (only time my lips have gone cuckoo was when they were sunburned lol). So this lip conditioner is also perfect for me right now. I’ve been using the fresh lip treatment (the white one) but it tends to just sit on top of my skin rather than sinking in and helping the healing process.

So basically, this set is perfect for my needs right now and it’s on sale and you should get one too if you need any of these things. 😉 Not sure when this sale is over, so get this set while you can! It would also make a great gift as a whole or as individual items.

I was not sponsored or paid to endorse this product. It’s just that good!


October 2014 Clothing Budget

This post contains affiliate links.

Serious, serious damage was done this month, people. The shopping addiction that I managed to curb last year is back and rearing its ugly head. I’m a bit disappointed in myself for going way over my clothing budget especially since I overspent in other categories too. Some household supplies were needed and ordered, and a Costco haul happened since my roommate and I planned and hosted a Halloween party for some of our fellow grad students. On the positive side, I feel a lot closer to these people now that I’ve seen them drunk. 😉

Anyway, onto the purchases. The final prices listed include tax and shipping where appropriate. Since I bought so much, I decided to include my main favorite purchases (noted by a *) in the collage.


my tired brain originally called this “November Favorites” but it’s been corrected. sorry for any confusion! lol