I think it’s safe to say we’ve both out grown this space.

However, recently, I’ve been feeling restless and lacking a creative outlet and decided to give blogging another try. I (Amy) can now be found here.

Thanks for all your support!

Quick update

Again with another quick update. As usual, being super busy with class work + lab + own time management and motivation issues. But after this Wednesday, I should finally be able to come up for air a little bit and either finish or type up some posts that I’ve been wanting to finish/type up for months… including several Everlane reviews (I’ll admit a few items are now no longer available, but pop backs do occur and I’ll talk about how to find these. Reviews will include silk, sweatshirts, long tee, sweaters and as of a few minutes ago, pants ;)), my recent trip to NY (recap of all the shopping and eating that occurred), catching up on my budget posts (I’m probably almost 6 months behind eek) and more, so stay tuned!

I just wanted to again thank anyone and everyone who has clicked on my Everlane link and made a purchase; it means a lot and hopefully the reviews have been helpful! Thanks to you, I was able to get a pair of the new wool pants that I’ve been dying to try ever since they were posted on the “coming soon” page, and I’ll definitely be putting up a review of those (there’s so much for the fit to go wrong on me from my hips to my height haha) for those who are curious as soon as I can. Also, once I have time, I’ll be editing my old Everlane posts to correctly reflect the $25 credit (used to be $15) I receive when someone makes their first purchase using my referral link.


p.s. the temperature is finally above twenty and the sun is finally out!!! i’ve been wearing a t-shirt, hoodie, cropped jeans and slip-on vans all weekend. it’s funny how much my temperature gauge is warped, seeing how for the last four months, i had to wear a puffer to be able to even walk around outside (when temperatures were often below zero). i’m so pale.

August 2014 Clothing Budget

Since my last budget post, I’ve moved across the country, set up my new living space and got all settled in in this sleepy but charming town.

Last month, I definitely went over my proposed $150 clothing budget by about $150 so I decided to go on a clothing-buying ban. Which has worked out since I was busy most of the entire month of August packing and shipping stuff and didn’t have time to shop. And while I’ve looked up the malls and shopping centers near me, I have yet to go check them out (still trying to figure out public transportation routes).

However, darn you labor day sales! They came right at the end of this month and some things I’ve been eying (there’s that word yet again) went on sale and I couldn’t resist. So I made an Old Navy purchase but since it hasn’t shipped, let alone arrived yet, I’m not counting them as part of my August budget. And I got a potential winter coat. They’ll be included in next month’s post since I don’t know if I’ll be keeping everything. I also bought a few posters for my new room but I have a separate “entertainment” (lol) section of my budget for those but I’ll also share them here next month because they’re too awesome not to share.

My budget: $150 $0 (self declared shopping ban)

Spent: $0

So I’m declaring this a successful budgeting month haha (despite the near $1000 my parents graciously spent getting me furniture and basic living supplies ._. The little things add up!)

Here’s a photo of my hallway to keep this from being a photo-less post:


my “back yard” is a mini forest. nature!

I’m also putting a post together about moving if you’re interested in that, so stay tuned. I haven’t had much time to flesh it out since it’s been a busy 2.5 weeks and classes start in a few days.

Linking up with other budgeting bloggers over at Franish. 🙂

Hello, world!

Meet Amy and Tammy. Amy and Tammy are headed to graduate school in the near or somewhat near future. Papers will be read gratuitously, food will be created and consumed, and shopping may occasionally occur. Come follow their adventures!*

*Ideally, this blog will encourage them to have adventures.