Everlane international shipping! 11/16-11/22

Just a quick heads up! For seven days only! Check the details here.

The list of countries that are included: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Vietnam

Bespoke Post reviews: Roam and Vibes

All boxes reviewed were bought with my own money. However, this post contain a coupon and referral link at the end.

Hi everyone! I just want to do a review about the two Bespoke Post boxes I got these past two months. If you’ve never heard of Bespoke Post before, it’s sort of like Birchbox Man where the box is more lifestyle geared. Bespoke Post offers themed boxes and releases new boxes every month and you’re able to get past month’s boxes as long as they’re still in stock. While Bespoke Post is aimed towards men, I find it the boxes/items to be gender neutral and always well curated (sleek and minimal are the words that come to mind). This review is mostly for the Vibes box, but I’ll talk a little bit about the Roam one too.


Top Three #2

This post contains affiliate links.

Time for another top three!

1. Wildlife by La Dispute [music]

I’ve mentioned this band so many times on this blog but these guys are just so amazing. I’ve been listening exclusively to their earlier two full lengths and they get better each time.

2. Textured Cross-Back Pullover from Banana Republic [fashion/shopping]

This sweater was on sale last week and with an extra 50% off (ended up being $25!), I couldn’t help but pick it up. I usually don’t understand/like many trends but this crossback design caught my eye and I feel like I can still wear it after it’s no longer trendy (I see similar designs everywhere so I’m assuming it’s a trend…). I love the color (I got the light blue one), the feel of the fabric (weighted and textured but cool), the different ways (sleeveless or long sleeve collared button up underneath, tank underneath, paired with a jacket/scarf) I can wear it, the way it looks on me and how I don’t have anything like it. So much win.

3. Peaches/nectarines [food]

Summer is possibly my least favorite month of the year (yeah, I know). I hate the heat/sun, sweating, the clothing and especially here in Michigan, the humidity. However, the one saving grace of summer are the fruit. I love peaches and nectarines. I buy maybe 5-10 a week to keep up with my cravings. I’ve only been able to find good yellow peaches and nectarines so far but I’m hoping the white ones (I could probably only eat white peaches and nectarines for the rest of my life) will be available soon! So so yummy. Thank you nature!

Those are my (maybe trivial) top three things at the moment. I’m going to try and write up Everlane reviews later today (I think I have like 5+ items). But I did a huge Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic haul that I just took all the pics for… So there’s that coming up. 😁


Kickstarter: Amorstil review

Hey guys! Long time no write. I’ve always had a problem with following through with things when they weren’t mandatory. But I just downloaded the WordPress app to see if I’ll be better about blogging now that I can write blog posts on my phone (which I’m always on).

Today’s post is about Amorstil, the first Kickstarter project I backed (again, I paid for the watch with my own money and this isn’t a sponsored post). I’ve been wanting a basic menswear-styled watch for a while and have been seeing Daniel Wellington watches all over the blogosphere but at $100+ each, that was too expensive of a commitment for me to make. So when I spotted this watch on Kickstarter, for $35 (early bird special), I couldn’t resist.

I got the watch a few weeks ago and have worn it twice so far. I’m taking it slow since I haven’t worn a watch since maybe second grade and I’m making sure I’m wearing it on wet lab-light days because I study the colon and therefore poop 😉

It came in a beautiful box (backers could have received the box in black or white). I selected the black leather/white face option (which wasn’t one of the original three watch color combinations). I was worried the watch would be too big for my wrists but it’s actually the perfect size (some might disagree, but I love the oversized watch face). The watch can fit on even thinner wrists (I use the third to last hole for a looser fit and the second to last hole for a tighter fit). It’s also quiet enough where the ticking does not to bother me (ticking noises normally drive me insane).


trying to science

I love it so much I’m thinking about getting another one…

I’m also making this post in case anyone is interested in getting one too and I was browsing Instagram and saw they posted July 4th promotion code. The watches are such great quality for the price (retail $50) but use code JULY15 to get 15% off your order (promotion end date not mentioned) over at

I just went on a huge shopping spree (darn you sales at Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic eep) otherwise I’d pick up another watch but I really don’t need another watch at the moment (I do have my eye on the brown/cognac leather with white face watch though…)

Just wanted to put the promo out there for anyone who’s looking for a classic and affordable watch.

Also, happy July 4th!


PS I have Everlane pictures and measurements ready but I just need to sit down and type reviews up. I also just moved apartments so I’ll be doing a closet clean out and might post the link on the blog later 🙂

New York: the shopping

I took a much needed break during “spring break,” a term which technically applies to the undergrads but since we’re first years, our schedules are still “school-esque,” to go to New York!

This was the third time I went to New York for fun and first time I traveled with this particular friend. We had similar priorities… shop and eat, eat and shop. And maybe a museum.

And we did a lot of shopping… but even more eating. 😉 I thought I’d break up the trip into a shopping post and an eating post starting with the shopping post.

We were in New York from Monday night to Thursday noon and we allotted the entirety of Tuesday for shopping, in and around SoHo.

The two stores we wanted to hit up were & Other Stories and COS, both of which are owned by the H&M Group but only recently came to the US, with physical stores found only in New York. We spent about half of our shopping day in & Other Stories and COS. Amazing. Simply amazing.


part of the shoe section at & other stories


Jumping on the Kickstarter bandwagon

This post contains affiliate links (Nordstrom). All Kickstarter pledges are with my own money 🙂 .

I’m constantly discovering new ways of procrastinating. My latest discovery is Kickstarter.

Obviously Kickstarted has become a really big thing over the past couple of years but I never ventured over there because 1) I really didn’t need to spend more money and 2) Why should I hand over money to strangers? I’m clearly not a very trusting person. However, what I didn’t know was that you aren’t charged for the amount you pledge unless the project meets its minimum funding. I’m not sure why I thought you would still be charged even if the project was a bust. It seems like such a stupid/naive thought now but I thought people were crazy for putting so much faith along with their money behind the ideas of others.

But this past weekend, I found myself browsing the website to see what the fuss was about. For one, I have a few friends who have pledged to certain projects/products and received awesome items (e.g. tech, watches, etc.). I’ve also heard about projects that were such successes that they were able to start a legit company/production of said item (e.g. U-turn audio– how amazing do those turntables look? My friend bought one recently and it’s gorgeous… I may or may not be saving up for one 😉 )

Here are two projects I’ve backed in the last two days lol:


Quick beauty PSA

Hello all. Been super busy. Haven’t had time to write or post my budget post and probably won’t have time until after finals/end of semester.

But I just want to post this awesome deal I found the other day.

Caudalie Moisture Essential Set, $39 $29.25 via LovelySkin

This awesome Caudalie set is now $29.25 (down from $39) at LovelySkin and it contains three full sized items: the Moisturizing Sorbet (normally $39), Hand and Nail cream (normally $15) and Lip Conditioner (normally $12). The value of all three items if you bought them individually is $66! LovelySkin also offers free samples and free shipping.

As for whether the products are worth it, I received a deluxe sample of the Moisturizing Sorbet from Sephora a while ago and only recently tried it out. And oh my god it is so nice. The cold weather here has been wrecking havoc (re: dry + flakiness) on my already-inflamed (re: cystic acne 😦 ), normally-over-oily skin. Basically, my face is a fucking mess and I wanted something to moisturize and soothe while not being too heavy/pore-clogging. This product was a godsend. It isn’t hydrating enough to magically get rid of the flakiness overnight but using this moisturizer in conjunction with hydrating face masks I brought back from my last trip to Taiwan, not only has my skin started clearing up a little, but my face is slowly returning to its oily+hydrated state (never thought I’d prefer oily over dry!). I’ve been waiting to buy the full-size product from Sephora (with that $20 off $50 coupon) but when I saw this deal, I couldn’t pass it up.

The moisturizer is light and has this kind of choppy-whipped like texture. It’s hard to explain. And when it’s applied on the skin, it becomes almost liquid-y? It’s interesting… It sinks in faster than my other moisturizer and a little goes a long way. It is very lightly fragrance-d and it smells really good and calming (coming from someone who is picky about scents).

I’ve actually never tried the Hand and Nail cream before, but it gets great reviews online, and my hands need all the help they can get. I had eczema when I was younger and it’s mostly gone away except for my hands that burst into scaliness when I’m stressed (like now). And with this weather, I really needed a small hand cream to carry around. It’s only a matter of time before the cracking and bleeding begin, but I’d really like to delay this problem for as long as possible. So this product is perfect to fill my hand cream gap.

The lip conditioner is another thing I haven’t tried, but my friend who always has chapped lips swears by this lip balm and always has one on her person. Since I’m not used to this weather (and by this weather, I mean anywhere between -1 to 35 degrees F), my lips have also been rebelling and chapping like crazy which is something I’ve never really experienced before (only time my lips have gone cuckoo was when they were sunburned lol). So this lip conditioner is also perfect for me right now. I’ve been using the fresh lip treatment (the white one) but it tends to just sit on top of my skin rather than sinking in and helping the healing process.

So basically, this set is perfect for my needs right now and it’s on sale and you should get one too if you need any of these things. 😉 Not sure when this sale is over, so get this set while you can! It would also make a great gift as a whole or as individual items.

I was not sponsored or paid to endorse this product. It’s just that good!