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Top Three #1

In an effort to try and blog more regularly, I’m going to attempt to post my top three things that I’ve been digging over the week (or two weeks). So without further ado:

1. Gilmore Girls / Gossip Girl [TV]

I finished yet another Gilmore Girls rewatch (I’ve lost count) this week (aka today) and was about to rewatch the series yet again when I decided I wanted to watch something new (to me) and ended up watching Gossip Girl. Back when it first came out, I watched a few episodes here and there during the earlier seasons but by the time season 3 premiered, I had no idea what was going on. Since it’s the show that all my friends were obsessed with and watched during high school and college, I decided to give it a go. Better late than never, right? But man, the music and fashion is so nostalgic. But I’m totally addicted… I forgot that there was a time where Blair and Chuck weren’t together.

2. Baking [life]

Recently, I find myself baking something pretty much every week. It’s mostly because I love eating baked goods and I live in a part of town where there’s no where close by that sells baked goods. But within the past two weeks, I’ve made lemon blueberry bread, banana bread, shortbread cookies and a no-bake Oreo cheesecake. I’ve pretty much perfected my banana bread and shortbread cookies recipes at this point. The lemon blueberry bread was just okay. I think I’ll try just a plain blueberry bread/muffin next. But holy cow, the no-bake Oreo cheesecake was amazing.


yum yum in my tum

3. Taylor Swift’s 1989 [music]

I haven’t really listened to Taylor Swift since high school when I had to write a review of various albums for my school’s newspaper, but after hearing a lot of her recent singles, I decided to give her latest album a go. I’m not in love with many of the songs on the album (I think most are just average), but I’m in love with Blank Space and Style. Like I have not been able to stop listening to these two songs for the past two weeks (and I’ve just been letting the album play on). So catchy and the whole album reminds me of 90s pop.

That’s it for this week. Hope everyone had a lovely Independence (or Canada) Day!


What I’m Watching: Netflix recommendations

I’ve been neglecting my next TV World post since there are so many crime/thriller type shows that are so good. Ideally, I’d like to break up the post according to serial vs procedural shows but it’s a bit difficult since many procedural shows tend to have a serial drama aspect. Hmm… I’ll have to think a bit more about this.

While I’m thinking about that post, I thought I’d share a few movies that are on Netflix that I’ve enjoyed that might not be recommended enough. All of these can be streamed on Netflix as of 7/20/14 (click on the posters to go to the Netflix page), and all of these were made within the last seven years.


TV world: growing up

In edition to watching shows about zombies (I’ve also recently finished the last two books in the Newsflesh trilogy and my brain is still trying to untangle itself from that reality. Definitely a series worth checking out if you want to read about a zombie apocalypse in a wildly different world (see: bloggers, virology, science!). Not the best writing, but the trilogy’s concept/world building is so worth it.), I love watching shows about growing up and dealing with the “actual world.”

These shows just feel so real and relatable and are a nice (but also depressing) break from other shows out there that are more about specific situations/jobs (crime, firefighting, medicine) or different worlds (fantasy, sci-fi) rather than the real world and the everyday.

Not going to talk about My So-Called Life or Undeclared or Freaks and Geeks because I’ve already covered them here.

So what shows could I possibly be talking about? (more…)

TV world: zombie edition.

So… it’s no secret among my friends that I watch a ton of tv shows. Now that I’m out of school, for some reason, I’ve (ironically?) actually cut down on the number of shows I’m watching. I watch shows of various, various genres (sci-fi, fantasy, drama, comedy, foreign, period pieces, etc.) so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite and different shows I’ve watched in the last few years in a series of posts (tag: TV world)

For reference, the shows I’m currently watching that are new to me are: Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Orphan Black (back on Saturday yo!), The Mindy Project, Skins (UK), Parenthood, Once Upon a Time, Parks and Recreation… and I think that’s it. I’ve also been rewatching House and Gilmore Girls in my spare time.

I haven’t had time or had the energy to track down some of the classics (mainly The Sopranos lol. I’ve watched the beginnings of The Wire, Twin Peaks, Oz and I’ll finish those in due time) so this list might be biased towards shows from the 2000’s-present.

I also have a post on my top shows that got cancelled prematurely, here, and I won’t mention those shows since I’ve already talked about them. But you should watch them all so you can join me in being angry that they didn’t get more tv time.

But let’s talk about zombies…


Movies of the moment

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a film buff, but the fact remains that in the not-too-distant past, I once watched 100 movies in one year (precisely between August 1, 2010 and July 31, 2011). This is largely due to my relatively freer schedule during summer and winter vacations. When I hit my stride I’d watch 4-5 movies a week; one week apparently I hit 8 movies. I do not know how it happened. Unfortunately I studied abroad soon after, resulting in a near-drought in the movies department for three months.* My record never recovered, and as of today, I have watched a paltry 29 movies in the past year.

Let’s go over some of the movies I’ve watched recently, shall we? (Spoilers ahead!)

Weekend recap of sorts…

Hello, it’s been a while and I really have no reason other than laziness. Too lazy to take pictures and write. I took pictures of some stuff with my nice camera (vs. my iPhone) when I went home this past weekend, but of course, I forgot to upload the pictures and I left my camera at home. So I can’t even blog about the things I want to just yet. Patience. (more…)

TV world: cancelled.

Top 5 shows that met their early demise

If there’s one entertainment related thing I know about, it’s TV shows. Now I’m sure most people who’ve grown up with the habit of watching television know of at least one show that has met its demise way too early on. I’m just going to go through some of my favorite shows (two season or fewer, so VMars won’t count). So after a week of typing and wikipedia-ing, I give you, without further ado, my list of top 5 shows that were cancelled too early. Gird your loins for a wall of text to follow. (more…)