We’re two students of science, embarking on higher education. Starting in the fall, we’ll finally both be in the same city and hence, this blog was created. But come spring, we’ll sadly be apart again and instead of having multiple 50-message long emails to each other, this blog is a way for us to keep in contact with each other, de-clutter our emails and to share our experiences with others.

Studied human immunology and plant biology in undergrad and will continue studying immunology in graduate school starting Fall 2014. Things you’ll see me post about: getting into graduate school (GRE, interviewing), things I buy, things I want, current obsessions and other life/science/school-related tidbits. I tend to write most of my blog posts late at night so excuse my grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, if you haven’t noticed, I don’t use the serial/Oxford comma due to writing in AP style for three years in high school.

I started graduate school in Fall 2013, studying bioengineering. My posts will be about transitioning to the real world from my cushy dorm life in undergrad, attempting to cook, stressing about school, freaking out over labs, lusting for consumer goods, and navigating the city life, among other topics. My use of prepositions is very vague and haphazard due to a quarter in Madrid during college, and I hope to improve on this point.

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