Bespoke Post reviews: Roam and Vibes

All boxes reviewed were bought with my own money. However, this post contain a coupon and referral link at the end.

Hi everyone! I just want to do a review about the two Bespoke Post boxes I got these past two months. If you’ve never heard of Bespoke Post before, it’s sort of like Birchbox Man where the box is more lifestyle geared. Bespoke Post offers themed boxes and releases new boxes every month and you’re able to get past month’s boxes as long as they’re still in stock. While Bespoke Post is aimed towards men, I find it the boxes/items to be gender neutral and always well curated (sleek and minimal are the words that come to mind). This review is mostly for the Vibes box, but I’ll talk a little bit about the Roam one too.

This past winter, I decided to sign up for Bespoke Post for the first time because of the Highlands box (no longer available/archived box) because I fell in love with the scarf and wanted to try a 100% wool scarf without paying the full retail prices found in stores. It ended up being my most worn scarf this past winter (my first Michigan/legit winter). But after that month, I didn’t see any reason to stay subscribed so I cancelled my subscription.

Roam box (still available!)

But last month, I saw the Roam box and decided to resubscribe. The box contains a canvas and leather tote, a collapsible water bottle and a leather cord wrap. What caught my eye is the tote. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect tote and haven’t been able to find a tote that works well with my height. The Madewell transport totes are overwhelmingly large on my frame, the Cuyana ones have too-soft leather for my liking and all the other leather totes I’ve looked at have been out of my price range. This Bespoke one (I got it in Pine or olive green) happens to be the perfect width, height and handle drop length for me at 5’2″. I don’t mind that it’s mostly canvas because I’m pretty hard on my bags and would probably be worried about damaging my leather tote all the time. My tote bag seems to be sewn a little bit lopsided (you can’t tell from the outside but the seams don’t line up on the inside). It doesn’t affect the bag at all, really, but it’s just something to note about the quality/quality control.


sorry for the crappy photos. i took these when the weather was crappy and i didn’t have time to brighten these photos


again, sorry for the shoddy photos! hopefully you can get a sense of the size


with flash!


the back of the cord wrapper. the brand name is imprinted on the front. super handy!

I’ve also been wanting a collapsible water bottle because they’re lighter and more space efficient than my plastic one. The collapsible one also comes with a clip which is a nice touch. The mouth piece is also covered which is a dealmaker (why would you want to drink out of a mouthpiece that is exposed to the everything?). The leather cord wrap is just extra on top of a functional box for me and it’s my most used item of the box so far. No one tangled headphone cords! What a godsend.

Vibes box (not listed but seems like it’s still available)

I pretty much forgot to cancel my subscription and got an email 7/1 about the new boxes and when I saw the Vibes one, I was like “You. I need you.” Apparently, many others thought the same because I think the box sold out that same day. However, according to my account page, I can request another one so I think it has been restocked.

LSTN Fillmore headphones in Ebony (retail $100)




so pretty




all folded up

While I don’t necessarily need another pair of over the ear headphones, they would could in handy. I have my sound cancelling ones in lab (because with all the machines, there’s a constant hum that my $10 earbuds just can’t compete with) and I normally really dislike using earbuds because they’re way too close to eardrums for my liking. I’ve also been wanting to try a reed diffuser for a while but couldn’t bring myself to pay $20+ for a bottle of liquid. So this box basically checked all the boxes.

I selected the headphones in the color Ebony and the wood is actually lighter than I expected but still beautiful. I love how the parts of the cord that insert into the headphones are also wooden- it’s a nice and subtle touch. I like how they can be folded up to be easily portable/carried in the little pouch compared to my noise cancelling ones which are not foldable and come in a large hard-shelled case. The bag is a little bit small but the headphones do fit. The end of the cord that plugs into your phone/iPod/device isn’t 90 degrees (which I prefer because it doesn’t have as much risk of snapping in half as 180 degree plugs) but is angled around 120 degrees which I haven’t seen before but it better than a straight line.

As you can see in the photos, the headphones themselves aren’t marked as right or left but become right of left depending on how you plug in the cord (R and L are marked on the cord) which seems so practical and will minimize the amount of time you’ll spend trying to plugging in your headphones since it can plug in either way. I also like how the cord is made of a bungee-like material without the stretch rather than standard plastic.

A few things to note: the cushions that cover the ear are circular rather than oval and press against the top ad bottom of my pinna rather than going over my entire ear. I have a helix piercing (captive bead ring) and the cushion basically presses against it and pushes it against my head. I can see my ear becoming sore in this area after having these on for a while. My head is kind of large for my size but small compared to other people’s but I still had to adjust/enlarge the headband part (which never happens- headphones are always too big on me) maybe extra three notches on each side so these may not fit on very large heads 😀

Sound wise: Also, as a non-audiophile, even I can tell these definitely aren’t the best over the ear headphones I’ve had. I have a pair of normal over the ear Sennheisers that cost maybe $30 that sound much better than these (I left these in California!). I’ve been testing this LSTN pair for just half an hour (been listening to rock/alternative/metal as well as classical) and the sound isn’t as full as the Sennheisers. The bass is definitely weaker and the trebles and midrange sounds aren’t as clear as I would like and guitars can sound a little tinny. The classical piece (iconic Jaqueline Du Pre’s Elgar cello concerto in e minor) sounds better than the rock songs but these headphones aren’t doing this recording justice.  However, I’ve only been using these for less than hour so hopefully the sound will improve over time. I also listened to some Rodrigo y Gabriela which sounds the best of all the types of songs I listened to- there are only two guitars playing at a time though, so maybe these headphones just aren’t great as handling a lot of background/feedback/noise.

I also picked these headphones due to the design/style and not their sound, so I can’t really complain (especially not since they retail for about $100 and I got both the diffuser and the headphones for $45 total).

tl;dr Cool looking headphones that are great for the price of the box but not worth the full price if you’re looking for quality sound.

Antica Farmacista reed diffuser in Manhattan (retail $26)


smells so good!


perfect size, too

Like I mentioned above, I have been wanting to try a reed diffuser for a while. I’ve specifically been wanting to try this brand of diffuser too! I was a little apprehensive about the Manhattan scent based on the description: “orange citrus zing accompanied by a bit of spice in the top notes, then a deep base of bourbon, amber, and vetiver.” But I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I like it. I definitely smell the citrus and bourbon/amber. I usually like floral or more masculine/woodsy scents and this is a nice in between. The scent smells earthy but the citrus keeps it fresh. My roommate also walked by my room and commented on how she can smell it/likes it too so it’s not just me! Also, love how the diffuser looks. The throw is also pretty great. I’m sitting across a (large) room from it and can still smell it pretty strongly.

Something to note: I’m not sure if the diffuser normally comes in a box, but mine was corked, sealed with plastic and wrapped in bubble wrap with the reeds taped to the top of the Bespoke box. When I took the tape off, the reeds got a little fuzzy/some splittery bits came off. I’m still on the fence about whether I’d repurchase one once this bottle runs out (it would depend on how long these last!).

If you’re interested in getting a box and would like to use my referral link, click here! And/or use the coupon RESCUE to get 30% off your first box. Here’s the list of available boxes (Vibes doesn’t appear but if you click on the Vibes box link above, you might be able to order it from there).



  1. Ugh, I love how sensible/durable the tote is.

    “You. I need you.” XDDD This totally made me crack up, haha.

    But those headphones *___*!!!! Seriously so nice and I’m so glad that I managed to snag a pair too. >:D I mean, I don’t actually need headphones, but I can’t pass these up! :p The ebony is definitely lighter than what I would have imagined it to be as well (these look like what I would expect the cherry to be).

    ALSO I LOVE YOUR VANITY. It’s so clean.

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