New York: the shopping

I took a much needed break during “spring break,” a term which technically applies to the undergrads but since we’re first years, our schedules are still “school-esque,” to go to New York!

This was the third time I went to New York for fun and first time I traveled with this particular friend. We had similar priorities… shop and eat, eat and shop. And maybe a museum.

And we did a lot of shopping… but even more eating. 😉 I thought I’d break up the trip into a shopping post and an eating post starting with the shopping post.

We were in New York from Monday night to Thursday noon and we allotted the entirety of Tuesday for shopping, in and around SoHo.

The two stores we wanted to hit up were & Other Stories and COS, both of which are owned by the H&M Group but only recently came to the US, with physical stores found only in New York. We spent about half of our shopping day in & Other Stories and COS. Amazing. Simply amazing.


part of the shoe section at & other stories

I don’t really keep up with fashion or the fashion world but my friend’s life revolves around fashion and BBC shows, and my friend’s actual hero Stacy London happened to be in the store shopping at the same time we were. My friend later told me they were next door changing room neighbors and how she was silently freaking out but too shy to say anything. So we definitely knew we were shopping where cool kids shop.

We had to restrain ourselves from going too spend-crazy but we both walked away with quite a few purchases which we lugged around for the rest of the day. The store is divided into multiple rooms with different focuses: multiple clothing ones, a shoe one and a beauty/fragrance one with jewelry sections scattered around the store. Possibly one of the most beautifully designed stores I’ve ever been in. It also happened to be huge! So much bigger than I expected.

I left the store with: a pair of black leather chelsea boots (finally got a pair!), earrings, hand lotion and a candle. I’m in love with these boots with two minor complaints: no pull tab and no traction at the bottom. The second is easily remedied. I’m planning on stopping by a cobbler this weekend to get a few pairs of boots looked at. Love the leather goring and height of the “shaft” and the heel is a perfect height for me. Can’t wait to wear them!


& Other Stories stretch panel leather boot in black (other colors on sale!)
The shoes boxes were incredibly sturdy and would’ve been really easily repurposed as a storage box but I unfortunately didn’t have enough room in my luggage.


Some photos of the boots on my feet:

IMG_8432 copy IMG_8381 copy

They’re surprisingly comfy (I tend to expect all shoes to be uncomfortable lol). I normally wear a US 7M (or 37 in European sizing) in shoes that require socks and got these in a 37 (which at & Other Stories translates to a US 6M).

I also tried on a bunch of clothes but nothing caught my eye except this loose V-neck top but it was 100% polyester and a bit static-y and decided it wasn’t worth the $60. Might order it if it ever goes on sale though 😉 Also, a general thing I noticed was that the sizing was inconsistent from item to item. There was one pair of size 29 jeans that fit me well in the waist and another style was too big on me when I tried a 26. For reference, I always wear a 26/2 in jeans and maybe a 27/4 depending on the style. Tops were a little better. I’d say things ran true to size or a little small. But it really differed garment to garment. Just something to keep in mind.

Other things I got:

The candle is super different to scents I normally choose. I’m a huge floral/fresh person but this candle is smoky and smells like incense. The reason I got it it because it reminds me exactly of the burning incense at Buddhist temples in Taiwan and it just brings back so many memories for me. My friend made a face when she sniffed it so it’s definitely not for everyone.


love the packaging/box. the candle holder itself is a ceramic container with a bit of roughness/unfinished-ness. Unique.


it’s grey! i couldn’t wait to burn it, hence the burnt wick and depressed circle

As for the hand lotion, who can resist a scent named punk bouquet? It’s this light pink color and smells like a mix of floral and sweetness. It’s really lovely and the scent settles well on me.


lotion ingredients for those who care…

Worth mentioning: I am obsessed with the jewelry selection at & Other Stories. Like, there were so many things I wanted and most of them were items I never dreamed of wearing (cuffs! hoops! … but mainly cuffs!). So many wishlisted items. Most of the items are fairly priced (earrings are pretty cheap, imo!) but I’m waiting for things to go on sale so I can justify buying everything 😀


love the simplicity of these black geode studs

& Other Stories is currently having their mid-season sale and some of the items are over 50% off.

Now onto COS! COS was this multiple floor store and like I was expecting, their items were mostly basics with a twist.


half of the first floor of cos! they even have an elevator; how cool

I walked away with a basic striped shirt and the nicest and softest sweatshirt I’ve ever owned. My friend and I were discussing how Everlane sweatshirts were slightly disappointing in quality/construction minutes before we stumbled upon this terry sweatshirt… which we both ended up buying haha. The first time I wore it, I texted her saying how I wanted to be buried in it. She agreed. It’s that great.

As for the gray striped shirt, I sized up and got a medium to get a flowier/slouchier fit (and in case it shrank since the small rode up a little higher due to my chest). The material is nice and thick but so soft. The fabric of this $25 shirt is possibly the nicest of all my tops (silks excluded). I noticed they have a ton of colors available in this style… and the red and ivory ones are calling my name. Is weird mentioning how much I loved COS’s shopping bag? Because it was super nice… and I still have it lol

IMG_8380 copy

i’m in love. it also held up well in the wash


i want all the COS leisurewear.

We also stopped by Harney & Sons because I love their tea but hate paying for shipping (and don’t want $50 of tea to quality for free shipping). I didn’t get a chance to take photos of the shop but it’s super cute. Dimly lit inside with a tea-trying counter on one side, a display of their teas on the other side and a little cafe in the back. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t find the tea I wanted (citron green) offered in boxes of more than 20 satchets or tea bags, so I ended up getting the loose leaf version.


i can smell the tea through the unopened tin…

I also sampled their anniversary blend tea and OH MY. So aromatic and smooth. It tasted along the lines of a naturally sweet black tea (aka sweet without adding sugar) with hints of that smokiness black teas can have. Totally regret not buying it.

That’s the extent of my shopping on this trip! Doesn’t seem like too much, but all of these things were bought during the same day. So many bags…

Food adventures in the next NY post!


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