October 2014 Clothing Budget

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Serious, serious damage was done this month, people. The shopping addiction that I managed to curb last year is back and rearing its ugly head. I’m a bit disappointed in myself for going way over my clothing budget especially since I overspent in other categories too. Some household supplies were needed and ordered, and a Costco haul happened since my roommate and I planned and hosted a Halloween party for some of our fellow grad students. On the positive side, I feel a lot closer to these people now that I’ve seen them drunk. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, onto the purchases. The final prices listed include tax and shipping where appropriate. Since I bought so much, I decided to include my main favorite purchases (noted by a *) in the collage.


my tired brain originally called this “November Favorites” but it’s been corrected. sorry for any confusion! lol


I’ve never really been a Loft shopper but their recent stuff looks so appealing. Decided to treat myself and got a little carried away… I usually try to wait for larger discounts than these, but I couldn’t resist waiting! These were total impulse purchases and I regret buying these just a little… especially the sweaters since they’re already pilling within one wear. :/ My friend and I had vowed never to buy Merino Wool after a few pill-crazy sweaters, but again, impulse purchases! and I was in desperate need of thicker sweaters (it’s already so cold and it’s only going to get colder). I think many of these items are now even more discounted (some with an extra 60% off with code FLASH today and part of tomorrow!).

  • Fluted Midi Skirt* in forever navy ($69.50 $41.33)
    Awesome fabric and color. I’m only just realizing it might not look the best on my body shape, but I’m going to make it work since I have no way to get to the nearest Loft store.
  • Textural Front Sweater* in bright lilac haze ($49.50 $22.62)
    Gorgeous color and really soft but what a pill machine!
  • Mixed Stitch Sweater in military olive ($59.50 $37.84)
    Again, gorgeous color… I actually haven’t worn this yet, but I can already tell it’s going to pill :/
  • Boyfriend Softened Shirt in white ($54.50 $24.90)
    Oversized white shirt in a unique cut? Sign me right up!
  • Striped Long Sleeve Shirt in charcoal ($24.50 $11.19)
  • Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Tee in intense plum ($19.50 8.91)
  • Petite Leaf Grosgrain Waist Dress in rich teal ($69.50 $38.15)
    I bought this without trying it on and the size I got (petite small) is a tad snug… the top bunches pretty horribly on my large-ish bust and causes the elastic waist band to ride up. But otherwise, what a beautiful print. Super sad that this one didn’t work out since it was the item I was most excited about. Will try making this work with a sweater or something or it’s going on eBay. Blerg.

Old Navy/Banana Republic/Gap

  • Gap Raglan Sweatshirt Top* in navy ($34.95 $9.79, currently priced at $8.99!)
    So lovely. I ordered this because it reminded me of Everlane’s shortsleeve sweatshirt (that I love!) but at a much cheaper pricepoint. It’s a little thinner than Everlane’s but much softer and less bulky. FYI the sleeve hems are sewn together unlike in the stock photos that show the sleeves unrolled.
  • Old Navy Crossbody Bag in black ($29.94 $10.49)
    I bought this bag in another bag last month but liked it so much I decided to get it in a more “sensible” color for more everyday use.
  • Banana Republic Roll-Up City Chino in fall navy ($69.50 $27.98)
    I tried the iguana green version of these pants in store but that pair was sadly too large. But I loved the material of these chinos (definitely on the thicker/sturdier side) and hoped they would have my size online. Decided to get the navy ones. There’s a little too much fabric in the thigh area but I think these will shrink down in the wash and be fine. I do think these run a little large; I got a regular 0 (hits me right above my ankle)and I haven’t been a size 0 in anything since maybe the first few years of high school (almost a decade ago!?!???!). I’m usually between a size 2 and 4.


I’ve been on a huge Uniqlo kick after my first order last month. October happened to also be their anniversary month so they had a lot of markdowns on rotating items throughout the month. So naturally I bought more stuff. These are the items I’m keeping.

  • Supima Cotton Turtle Neck Long Sleeve T in black ($14.90 $9.90, now $7.90!)
    Channeling my inner-Steve Jobs.
  • Cashmere Blend Stole Cardigan* in gray ($49.90 $29.90)
    So soft. Definitely thinking about getting more of these in other colors. Going to keep an eye out for popbacks, especially since these are now marked down to $14.90!
  • Lambswool Blend V Neck Cardigan in dark gray ($29.90 $24.90)
    A little stratchy but I’m planning on wearing this over thin long sleeve shirts.
  • Lambswool Blend Crew Neck Sweater* in dark orange and black ($22.90 $17.90 each)
    I expressed my love for these sweaters last month so when it went on sale, I got a few more. Of course. I secretly love dark/burnt orange.
  • Ripple Short Sleeve Dress* in black ($39.90 $19.90)
    A little floofy at the bottom but wow this dress is crazy flattering on me (I’ve got boobs and hips but my waist is virtually nonexistent).


  • Timberland EarthKeepers Mount Hope Boot in black ($149.95 $109.95)
    Super light-weight compared to the Sorels I got last month. As much as I love the Sorel boots, I feel like I needed just one other pair as back up and I like how it’s a taller boot so my legs can be extra warm.
  • Helly Hansen Midsund Rain Boot* in black/natural ($59.95 $47.23, I got mine at Moosejaw.com with a promo code)
    I didn’t have any rain boots! I seriously debated getting either Hunter or Barbour rain boots before stumbling upon these beauties. Love the matte finish and mid-calf height which works best for my height and is also able to accommodate my 15″ calves and jeans. They feel sturdy and well made and are just a fraction of the cost of Hunters. If black isn’t your color, there are navy and yellow options too! Also, Helly Hansen is a Norwegian company so they must know a thing or two about rain. πŸ˜‰ FYI these seem to run a little on the small side. I’m normally a 6.5M-7M and ordered these in 7M and they feel quite snug with normal socks.
  • Dr. Martens 1460 Mono Boot* in classic black ($120 $89.62)
    I FINALLY GOT A PAIR OF DR. MARTENS. I’ve wanted a pair for so long and actually got knee-high lace up ones a few years ago before deciding they were not me and resold them on eBay. But I’ve been searching for ankle or chelsea Dr. Martens for a decent price since then. I first spotted these on Madewell (they also have a lovely dark red version) and fell in love but $120 is a lot to fork over (not that $90 isn’t…). Nordstrom actually had these marked down hella (excuse my SF/Bay Area slang) about a week ago and I pulled the trigger. These are now sold out on Nordstrom but check for popbacks. More on these boots in an upcoming post πŸ˜€

Monthly clothing budget: $200

Spent: $991.19 $600.40

Good fucking lord x.x

Bank account is still smarting, my brain is wondering what on earth happened, and my already large closet has run out of room (uh oh…). I was trying to justify that of the $600, three items were large purchases (the three boots) but that’s dangerous thinking. Truth of the matter is, I got carried away and didn’t plan very well and it can’t happen again. So I think it’s time for a shopping ban for November (not counting items already in the mail and jeans that need to be replaced). Wish me luck/fingers crossed!

As usual, linking up with other budgeting bloggers over at Franish.


p.s. I have an Everlane order in the mail (.. including the new Everlane chunky sleeveless knit!) and an Everlane review post in the works… so keep an eye out for those if you’re interested πŸ™‚


  1. Hi, I found my way over here via Franish. I’m a grad student too (in electrical engineering). I’ve been thinking about ordering the lambswool blend crew neck sweater from Uniqlo, but I wasn’t sure about their sizing. Any thoughts? And if you don’t mind me asking, what size did you get?

    1. Hi! I find the sweater to run true to size. I usually wear a small in Gap, Madewell, J. Crew, etc. and got this in small too and I’m able to wear a thin long sleeve shirt underneath. It’s fitted but not too snug.
      It’s a bit itchy though (even with a long sleeve shirt underneath) so if itchiness usually bothers you, I’d look elsewhere.
      Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

    1. ikr?! idk what happened.
      actually, i do. went crazy.

      eh. still don’t need anymore clothes. might get some nonclothing stuff but i find a lot of black friday clothing deals aren’t any better than some sales during the year

      1. Hahaha. Well it’s good that you’re buying things that are staples for your closet so you can continue to use them for a couple of years. πŸ˜€

        Very true. But I can’t wait to see what sales the subscription boxes will have……!

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