Julep: August + September 2014 Boxes

I’m really behind on posting my Julep boxes, so here’s a two-in-one post. Not going to go into too much detail about these polishes but I’ve included a lot of pictures… after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. 🙂 My October box review will also be up shortly.

My default box is It Girl and the colors are fairly spot on with what I like, but I also tend to swap out at least one polish a month.

1. August 2014 box


Loved the paper that month

What I received:


L to R: Tammi, Joyce, Waleska, Waleska, India

Well, Julep kind of messed my box up this month. My box was supposed to include: Tammi, Joyce, Waleska and Blakely as an add on. Instead, I got two Waleska’s, India and no Blakely. By the time I called Julep about this error, Blakely was out of stock and they offered to send me another polish. I chose Amy, and the order was placed but a few days later, the order was cancelled because Amy was also out of stock. I ended up just getting my Jules refunded. I was later able to swap India for Amy so it’s all good, and I ended up gifting Tammi and my extra Waleska to a friend for her birthday (because they’d look amazing against her skintone).

This month was also possibly the hardest month for me to choose colors. I’m a huge fan of cremes and matte nail polishes and the selections this month were just not aligned with my tastes. Iris, over at boxesfordays, and I spent a good half a day going back and forth on our selections. Just an overall difficult month lol


Tammi- Lemongrass green shimmer

Originally loved this on the site but after seeing it in person, I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. I love chartreuse and this is somewhat similar, but sadly, I’m not of a skintone that can easily pull off chartreuse-y/yellow-green colors. Gifted to my friend who will look amazing in this.


Joyce- Lava red shimmer

Another on the fence color. I was hesitant to get this because it’s more orange-red than I expected. It’s just okay. I have a couple bright reds (both creme and more gel-like) that I love and rotate through, so I’m not sure this one will get a lot of attention. Might pass it off to someone else. I do think this would look good on many skintones though.


India- Freshwater blue shimmer

I know a lot of people wanted this color because it was gone/”sold out” within a few hours after the selection window opened so it wasn’t even an option for me. Also, when I put this up for swapping, I got like 10 requests within the hour. Yikes! It really is a gorgeous color, but I knew it’d never work with my skintone so I wouldn’t have picked it anyway. But it showed up in my box anyway… haha. Swapped this for Amy, a lovely smoky turquoise crème. The girl I swapped with was supposed to get this in her box but didn’t, so it worked out great for both of us! Also, I think was one of the months Julep was doing a warehouse move or something, but it seems like they’ve got their shit together since.


Waleska- Eucalyptus green chrome with gold iridescence

The one color I knew I wanted. It’s just so, so pretty. I could stare at this all day long. I can get onboard with shimmery polish when it’s done like this: great color combination that gives the polish so much depth. Possibly one of my favorite colors from Julep. Just look that iridescence! Reminds me of a peacock. Absolutely lovely.


Waleska on my ring finger and Joyce on my pinky. These might’ve been either one or two thick coats. Sorry I don’t remember.
Please ignore my other two fingers since I was just swatching a bunch of random polishes.

Waleska and Joyce were the only ones I actually tried. They applied okay. Again, my add-on Blakely was missing so I was a little pissed off since it was actually the only other polish (behind Waleska) that I wanted). But whatever. Gotta forgive and move on (but not forgetting this, Julep). More of a miss month for me but Waleska made it okay.

2. September 2014 box

My September box ended up being waaay more Christmas-y than I intended. Oh well, since this was probably one of my favorite boxes. Sorry about the lighting. These were taken after my move and my apartment doesn’t get a lot of natural sunlight. And when there is natural sunlight, I’m usually in class or lab.


L to R: Max, Ryan, Mahima, Mary Lee

Was ecstatic to see the options this month. Bold satins! Liquid gold! And going out of my comfort zone with a confetti top coat! If only every month could be like this one.


Max- Black and white graffiti top coat

Confetti-esque top coats are totally not something I usually go for but the black and white scheme of this one really drew me in. Also, the “graffiti” looked more on the geometric side than just circles and dots. Just had to try it. And since I had Jules, I thought, “Why not?” Why not, indeed. Do not regret my choice at all.


Ryan- Overcast teal satin

A bit basic (lol) but totally up my alley. Blue or green color? Satin or matte? Darker in color? Check, check and check. Not too special of a color apart from the satin finish, but it’s perfect for me.


Mary Lee- Oxblood satin

Really, really wanted to try this one. I have Zoya Posh which is this brighter red matte polish with hints of shimmer and I really wanted a darker red with a more matte finish. This one fits the bill. Again, more of a basic color with a different finish. But it’s gorgeous.


Mahima- Amber gold creme

The polish was the one I was looking forward to the most. Just look at this baby. Forget “amber gold creme.” They totally should’ve called this Felix (because come on, they’re running out of names so Felix is not that crazy and it could totally be someone’s nickname) and described it as “liquid gold.” Like, come on. Perfect name and description and all the Harry Potter fans would jump on this so much. Missed opportunity if you ask me.

Gorgeous color. Gorgeous finish. I’ve been wanting a gold nail polish (especially for the holidays) but everything I’ve seen either has too much glitter or didn’t apply that well. This one applies pretty smoothly. Totally a keeper.


pinky to index: Mary Lee, Mahima, Ryan, Max
as always, one (thick) coat each
enjoy my finger wrinkles hah

Love all the polishes this month. No application problems either.

I’ve canceled my subscription after October since my subscription ended and I don’t really need anymore nail polish. It’s been fun, Julep. More thoughts about Julep in my last/October box review.



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