Month: September 2014

September 2014 Clothing Budget

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This month, I realized my school’s basic (free) health insurance plan provides more than enough services for my needs so I’ve decided to add the $50 I was planning to set aside for insurance to my monthly clothing budget resulting in $200/month. Also, in my August budget part 2 post, I gave myself a lump sum of $350 for the next 3 months to buy winter gear, and I’ll be including those purchases in this post as well.

Here’s what I got this month:


September 2014 purchases


August Budget pt. 2: winter gear

Clearly, Tammy and I have both been a little busy as neither of us has posted consistently since August. However, literally the day after making my August budget post, I went crazy and bought a ton of stuff. Like a ton. Sigh. So I’m already rethinking my $150 clothing budget especially since one of those items was already $150.

As I’ve mentioned many times, I recently moved to the Midwest, where things get ridiculously cold. I got a taste of the cold weather last January/February (a week after the polar vortex) when I did my interview at my school (which I’m loving so far, by the way), and I knew that my West Coast (Best Coast!) gear (aka cardigans, wool sweaters and like three jackets/coats) would not cut it. And as many winter/heavy duty clothing items cost a whole lot more than normal, I realized my $150 total clothing budget is also not going to cut it. So I’ve decided to set aside a lump sum of $350 for “necessary/winter clothing” and I’ve given myself three months (September -November) to prepare for the cold.

So my future budget posts will contain two parts: 1) $150/mo for normal clothing purchases and 2) $350/3mo for winter gear.

Here’s my tentative list of things I should probably buy. Any input/recs would be welcome!

1. coats
I’m looking to get 1) a heavy-duty down insulated coat and 2) a lightweight down insulated coat(s). And then just layer the hell out of things. I think I got the heavy-duty jacket covered but I’m searching for a lighter weight one. Thinking about getting a Uniqlo one but idk yet.

2. wool socks
I have two pairs of Smartwool socks, but I think I should get a few more just in case I need to layer them.

3.winter boots
My waterproof boots + wool socks did not work so well last winter. Definitely going to need insulated or lined boots. I ordered a pair of Sorel boots that I’ve had my eye on, but I’m not sure if the sizing will work out.

4. rain boots
I have a pair of waterproof boots but they only come up to my ankle and are more style > function. I’m thinking of getting a pair of short Hunters. Tammy got a pair last year and I wanted to steal them off her feet haha I also don’t want to wear my winter boots everytime it rains.

5. gloves
I have a fleece pair that is supposed to be warm, but I feel like they’re still a bit thin. Want/need more heavy-duty gloves to protect my poor phalanges. And since I mainly work with my hands, frostbite would be the end of my grad school career lol… but seriously though.

6. scarves (optional)
After my Madewell splurge a while ago, I feel like I have enough scarves but I already bought another one, so you never know.

Like I mentioned, I bought a few things already, but I’ll include them in next month’s budget post.