TBT: Music roundup

My last few TBT Music posts have been published on Thursdays but this write-up has been sitting as a draft for far too long. Decided to just break out of my comfort zone and publish this on a Tuesday. Gasp.

During my recent chill time, I’ve recently wandered back over to absolutepunk.net, where I spent the majority of my high school years looking for new music and artists. Like I might’ve mentioned before, I definitely fell off the music bandwagon during college and am trying to get back into it but it’s a few miles ahead of me at this point. Back in high school, I think I tried to absorb too much (is that even a thing?) music as possible in a span of 2-3 years and just seriously over did it and looking for new music became a chore, so I stopped.

Of course I would occasionally stumble upon a new album/band that I liked during college mainly due to friends, media, etc. But I wasn’t actually going out into the Internet world looking for music that I would want to look for. This isn’t to say I haven’t enjoyed the music that I’ve discovered during my so-called “music dark ages,” but those bands were on the ends of the spectrum of my tastes. For instance, I absolutely love Florence + the Machine, but I seriously can’t imagine listening to her and similar bands/artists for eternity. It’s just not something I naturally gravitate toward and seek out.

So I started back to the place that had the best collection of information about the music I liked the most: absolutepunk.net.

The staff have an End of the Year (EOTY) post every year since I can remember, anyway, where they compile their (staff as whole and individual staff member’s) favorite albums as well as the site user’s favorite albums and more. They also “recently” released their Middle of the Year (MOTY) lists so I thought that’d be a good place to start.

I’ve found a couple of new artists that I’ve never heard about as well as discovered a love for certain bands that I heard about in the past but never really looked up and got into. So here’s a list of a variety of stuff you might also want to check out:

1. The Maccabees

Been around for a while. British. Mellow but with some edge. I’ve only listened to Given to the Wild so far, but man, if all their albums are like it, I’ve truly been missing out. I don’t quite have anything similar to compare these guys to but they sound like a blend of Arcade Fire, Minus the Bear and Vampire Weekend? Last.fm have a list of similar sounding artist but I listen to none of them lol. I just find their sound really interesting. This is something my friends (i.e. TAMMY) might like and definitely on the more hipster/extreme ends of my musical tastes.

2. Basement

I actually follow a dude on tumblr whose favorite band is Basement, but I never thought to look them up since the dude seems to like heavier music than I do. So I was definitely pleasantly surprised to hear these guys are more melodic than I thought. I actually quite like the lead singer’s voice as well as the instrumentals. They sound like this mix of garage band/grunge with pop-punk/punk influences and remind me of Title Fight. It’s hard to describe but it’s pretty cool how they can sound like a bunch of different sounds in one song. Also, they’re from Ipswich (any Richard Ayoade fans out there?) and had disbanded but they actually just came off hiatus and are touring the US.

3. Tigers Jaw

Actually decided to give Basement a listen after listening to these guys. Apparently Tigers Jaw had a whole thing where over half the band decided to leave, and the remaining two members toured with the help from some of the members of Basement. Well… no idea how I missed these guys earlier. The earlier stuff and latest stuff sound a bit different due to the line-up change, but both sounds are great. The current main singer sounds like a younger or more pop-punk oriented Matt Berninger. Their earlier albums remind me of Saves the Day and their latest album sounds like a Straylight Run/The National hybrid. Loving their self-titled and latest album, Charmer.

4. The Hotelier

These guys are pretty new (although they recently changed their name to this one so who knows how long they’ve actually been around? I’m too lazy to do a quick Google search. Now do you see how it was possible to listen to the same songs over and over again for the last few years?) and they’re awesome. Number one on absolutepunk’s MOTY album list and well deserved. It has this great range of sounds pulling from various genres and Home, Like Noplace Is There is just really wonderful and oddly refreshing despite sounding similar to many other bands.

5. Sunny Day Real Estate

90’s quintessential emo, apparently. They were big when I was still a toddler, so I missed out, but discovering them in the 2000s is pretty cool too. I can totally hear their influence over a lot of bands I love and it’s interesting how they don’t really sound dated at all. Kind of reminds me of a grunged up Blue Öyster Cult (mainly because I think the singers sound vocally similar?! idk haha).

6. Midtown

Dude. Where the fuck was I in the early 2000s to not have listened to this band? Heck, I didn’t even hear about them until like late 2000’s. And when I did, I didn’t bother looking them up because they had broken up (lol Gabe what’s-his-name of Cobra Starship’s previous band). I’ve only listened to the their last full length but it’s great pop-punk. Reminds me of a blend of Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco.

Also, still obsessing over Arctic Monkey’s AM. Can’t get enough of “R U Mine?” and “Knee Socks.” Excited to see them again! I also recently got Queen‘s Greatest Hits Collection so I’ve been slowly working through that too haha. What a wonderful selection of music.

Happy listening!



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