July 2014 Clothing Budget

This post contains affiliate links.

In two months time, I’ll start receiving my graduate student stipend, and this will be the first time I’ll have a fixed month-to-month income and not have my parents provide me with my spending money.

I thought now would be a good time to start keeping account of my monthly clothing purchases. I’ve already drawn up an Excel spreadsheet listing my estimated monthly income, and I’m going to try to keep my clothing budget to $150 (maybe less, have to gauge things a bit) a month starting in August, but for July, I just want to see where I currently stand.

Keep in mind July was/is always a big spending month for me. July 4th sales plus other big sales nudge me into spending more than most months. I also made about $100 this month from selling some clothes from my stockpile of clothes that are like new or new and just sitting in my closet unworn (recently accepted I’m likely a low level hoarder), but I try to save this money rather than spend it.

What I got this month (pricing guide: original price final price including 8.75% sales tax):

Madewell purchases

Madewell purchases

1. Madewell

I bought a lot of stuff when Madewell had their extra 40% off sale items sale. I had been waiting forever for a 40% off sale to hit before getting a few things I had my eye on and ended up placing four (yes, four!) separate online orders. Trying to stock up on basics, scarves and thicker shirts for fall/winter. I love how shipping is almost always free.

All other purchases

All other purchases

2. J. Crew Factory

There was a free shipping deal with an extra 30% off sale items. Had my eye on a gingham shirt in navy or black and wanted another pair of their chino shorts but in a more colorful color.

3. J. Crew

Stopped by SF to visit Tammy/see Once (the musical) which was lovely. Decided to pick up another blazer seeing how it was my size, fit perfectly, the perfect color and was on super sale. No regrets, man.

4. Topshop

Got an extra 50% off sale items. Google for an additional 15% off everything student code. No sales tax. Free shipping. Sold.

5. Everlane

Will talk about this in an upcoming post. But ended up keeping just one item.

Total: $300.80 (original total $786)

Never paid for shipping, which happens to be the bane of my existence, so woooo!

My total ended up being 38% of the original total or an average of $18.80 per item. Not too shabby, despite being $300 poorer. But I am now all stocked up on scarves for a lifetime and am pretty much set on all my basic tees (I just need a heather gray shirt and I’m all good). I’m also not sure about keeping some of the Madewell items… might end up reselling them online since those items were final sale and can’t be returned.

I’m going on a clothing/accessories ban for August since I don’t want more stuff to pack and ship across the country. Wish me luck… on my shopping abstinence and packing.

Going to try this linking up thing for the first time! Linking up with Franish and other budgeting bloggers 🙂 Super fun to read about everyone’s deals.



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