Julep: July 2014 It Girl Box + coupon code

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Hello again. My second Julep box of my 3-month sub came a while ago, but I didn’t have the motivation to take photos and write something up. Motivation is a scarce thing around here these days.

I signed up for a 3-month subscription when there was a fantastic promo going around so I’ll be getting all three boxes plus a welcome box for about $17. Or an average of $4.25 per box. What a great deal.

A month-to-month subscription is now $24.99/month where a 3-month subscription is $19.99/month so you save $5 a month. Do I think Julep Maven is worth $24.99, or even $19.99, a month? Not really. But since my entire 3-month sub costs less than even the discounted $19.99 price, I’m not one to complain. Like I’ve previously mentioned, based on cost (and size) of the individual polishes, I think brands like Zoya and OPI are more cost effective– they’re both cheaper and contain more polish per bottle. Zoya and OPI also have a huge range of colors and I especially love Zoya’s formulas. Zoya also has great promos to get polishes at discounted prices. I better move onto this month’s Julep box before this turns into an even bigger “I ❤ Zoya” post.


My July 2014 Julep Maven customized box

My default style profile is the “It Girl” profile which normally contains three full sized polishes. I took advantage of the ability to customize your box and swapped out Linden (a pool blue crème) for Lissa. While I really like the look of Linden, I already have a similar blue polish and don’t have any teals.

So in the end, my box consisted of:

  • Braiden, a graphite stardust (textured matte glitter):


  • Lissa, a tumbled turquoise crème:


  • Dawn, a citron crème:


Here’s what they look like on human nails:


One coat each. No base or top coat.

Formula obviously varied between the three.

I found Dawn to be the sheerest and a bit streaky but still gorgeous. I thought it’d lean more green/chartreuse but it really falls under the yellow family. I’m surprised how much it doesn’t clash with my skintone though; it’s a really striking and different color for me. Win!

Lissa is hands down my favorite of the three. I don’t own any teal or turqoise colors and this one is really beautiful. Formula is smooth and applied great; opaque in one thick coat. I’ll probably use this for my next manicure.

I was hesitant to keep Braiden in my box but I figured it would be an easy polish to trade away. Matte polishes are my favorite but I hate any textured polishes. I barely stand glossy glitter polishes because of the glitter because I have a tic of running my fingers over my nails and love that smooth feeling. While Braiden is this really lovely medium gray, it’s the most textured nail polish I’ve encountered (Zoya Savita coming in second). I thought it’d be a nice dupe for Zoya Loredana (one of my top three favorite polishes) but Braiden’s lighter and too rough for my liking. It applied surprisingly even and easily though. Unlike a lot of mattes, it doesn’t dry too quickly. But like most mattes and glitter polishes, it’s super un-fun to take off. Had to soak my nail in remover before it’d budge. Based on my experiences with mattes, I’m not sure having a base coat will really help with this problem though.


my attempt to take a photo of Braiden’s texture


closeup of all three

Overall, I’m happy with my box. Really wished Braiden worked out, but I’m not butthurt that I don’t have yet another nail polish to add to my collection. My box was packed a little messily with that gray stringy stuffing hanging out of the box, but it’s not a big deal.

I also got a coupon for $10 off your next Julep order of $20+. Feel free to use it; don’t forget to read the fine print 🙂


code: PERK1020

If Julep Maven sounds like something you’d like to sign up for and you’d like to use my referral link, you can find it here.

Happy manicuring!


p.s. i’m hating this new “make a new post” layout and dislike how it’s a pain to get to the page with the old layout. boo.



    And aw man, the welcome box counted as part of the three months? LAME. :p But thanks for the heads up, I’ll have to cancel this account next month after I get my box.

    I think that Braiden and Dawn look really good on you!

  2. I agree with you! Lissa is such a beautiful color, it reminds me of a Tiffany blue. I’ve never tried the Julep box but I’m deciding between it and Vain Pursuits (personalized skincare products) right now. Have you tried Vain Pursuits? I’m looking for opinions! 🙂 Thanks

    1. So pretty 🙂

      Hm.. haven’t heard of Vain pursuits before. Just looked it up and it seems really interesting. Love how it’s more personalized than typical beauty boxes. I used a great coupon on my subscription that greatly brought down the cost per box but honestly, I don’t think Julep is worth the regular $24.99/mo. While I love the selection of colors and the whole customization aspect, for around ~3 items a month ($8.33 per item per month) you can honestly just go to a store and buy polishes of better or similar quality and get more selection. Or, you know, use that $25 a month a buy high quality polish 😉

      1. I’ve heard the same thing about Julep from several people! Some of my friends who used to get Maven boxes canceled because they were getting too many similar shades of red and pink 🙂 . Thank you so much the tip, you’re definitely saving me from an impulse purchase. As much as I love polish and clothes, I just don’t know much about skin care and I’m getting to that age when I should. A little googling got me to one of Vain Pursuit’s giveaways – fingers crossed!

      2. Haha that sounds about right. No problem! Impulse purchases are such a tricky thing. They either turn out great or you end up really regretting it; there’s no in between lol
        Skin care would be a great thing to start getting into! Good luck!

      3. Thanks for the reply Amy 🙂 Yeah I agree with you about the greater in-store selection, especially since I tend to be rather picky when it comes to my nail polish colors. I’ve been eyeing one of the Dior ones at Sephora but I’m trying to resist haha. I actually just signed up for Vain Pursuits this morning after seeing a few more posts on it. Can’t wait to see how that goes. Someone really needs to help me with controlling my splurging! 😛

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