Julep: Bombshell and It Girl Welcome Boxes + coupon

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So I never ended up posting my thoughts for my first Julep welcome box… mainly because I decided to cancel my subscription right after I tried them out (I didn’t think the subscription was worth the $19.99 a month) because I didn’t like the formulas of either one. The subscription is now $24.99 a month (cheaper with a longer subscription) which is quite pricey for 2-3 polishes or 2-3 beauty items a month, imo.

Scroll all the way to the bottom if you want details about the coupon code.

Free welcome box (just pay shipping).

Quick thoughts about my first welcome box (Bombshell). For reference: I tested both polishes with a base coat and no top coat to see the finish of each polish and how long they lasted (I’m really hard on my hands/nails. Most manicures last maybe 3-4 days before chipping occurs) but didn’t take pictures so used the stock photos inside. My bad!

Julep Zelda

Zelda is described on the Julep website as a “pink champagne metallic” which is pretty accurate. It looks really shimmery and pretty in the bottle but I didn’t like the application. It didn’t apply that evenly and when it dried, I hated the rough feeling of the bits of glitter/shimmer on my nails. However, I usually only where creme nail polishes so maybe this gritty texture is normal for these kinds of shimmers? I don’t know. I just didn’t like it. It was rather pretty on my nails though, I will admit. It was just a little too much shimmer for me personally. I ended up swapping it away. Chipped in two days and then I promptly took it off since I really didn’t like the color on me (I’ll usually leave nail polish on for at least a week even with chips because I can’t be bothered lol).

Julep Kendra

Kendra is described on the julep website as an “army green frost” which is also pretty accurate. Although I’m not sure what “frost” really entails. Like Zelda, in the bottle, Kendra is on the shimmery side but with a smoother finish than Zelda when dry on the nails. I picked the Bombshell welcome box because of this color but was kind of let down. It didn’t have the same shiny finish as Zelda (but then again, Zelda had a ton of shimmer/glitter) and dulled the longer it was on my nails. I also didn’t like the formula very much (maybe I’m doing something wrong? Or was it just these two colors? Everyone seems to like Julep). It was a really dark green that looked kind of muddy and not a lot of shimmer. Chipped in a day… also swapped this one away.

In retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have been adventurous in getting nail polishes that didn’t really suit my tastes, but for $3.99 (what I paid for the welcome box), it wasn’t that financially irresponsible of me to try something new. When I called to cancel my subscription, the person was really nice about it and asked if I wanted another complimentary box before officially cancelling. I was tempted to try it for another month, but didn’t want to bother calling again so declined her offer. Good customer service, so there’s a positive.

Since then, Julep’s changed things a bit in terms of how their subscription runs but mainly, it’s pricier at $24.99 a month ($19.99 with a 3 month subscription?) and they have more options or something. I wasn’t going to sign up again but Iris over at boxesfordays texted and messaged me with a Julep offer (not sure if it still works but definitely try it!) that brought a 3 month subscription (normally $59.99) + free welcome box down to around $17 total. So like $4.25 a box. Not bad right? So I signed up and decided to get the It Girl welcome box this time. (Julep’s welcome boxes seem to change per month again seemed to have changed for the summer).

Three cremes? Sold. I’m a little wary of pastels because my skin tone (yellow but with pink undertones and my hands get pretty tan in the summer) can make my nails look glow-in-the-dark-esque but in daylight. But I was hoping that at least one would work out.


Julep It Girl welcome box (June 2014)

The It Girl box comes with:

  • Margaret, a light periwinkle crème:

Julep Margaret, the color’s a little lighter in person (yes it does bother me how the photo isn’t straight)

  • Kam, a vintage spearmint crème:
  • Princess Grace, a rich papaya crème:

I’m surprised by how much I’m liking Princess Grace. It’s super vibrant but I think it compliments my skin tone pretty well. Also digging Margaret. It’s not as baby blue as I thought it would be. Kam was my favorite on screen (I love green polishes- a third of my polishes are green) but my least favorite in person. That’s not to say I don’t like Kam because it’s quite pretty, but it seems the least striking to me… and I maybe already have a polish in a similar hue. All three colors are summer appropriate. i can even see myself wearing Kam and Margaret during the rest of the year. I can’t see myself wearing Princess Grace in fall or winter though. It’s like, a little too neon-esque lol

One thick coat each. No base or top coat.

One thick messy coat each. No base or top coat. I’m trusting you to figure the corresponding polishes.
Sorry for the stubbly nails. I just cut them.

This welcome box turned out much, much better. Love the opacity. Formula is runnier than I’d prefer, but nothing I can’t deal with. Besides, these came cheap with that promo I used. These polishes aren’t as glossy as some of the brands I also own but a good top coat can help with that. Not sure about longevity of these since I took the polish off after snapping a few pictures (I’m giving my nails a break).

Most of my nail polish collection consists of Zoya. Zoya polishes retail $9-10 whereas Julep polishes retail for $14. Zoya occasionally has great promos (like free nail polishes or polish recycling program, etc.) and Julep often has sales with huge discounts (like $2 a polish, 50% codes, etc.). Both brands have a huge selection of colors. However, I think my polish loyalty still lies with Zoya, especially considering the original price and formula (Zoya’s mattes will forever own my heart).

If you’d like to sign up for Julep and would like to use my referral code, it would be much appreciated.


Also, if you’re still reading this, I did receive a 50% coupon code for Julep (please read the fine print!) that I won’t be using. If you want it, just email me at ourmiscellany[at]gmail.com or leave me your email address in the comments, and I’ll send it your way. First come, first served. Claimed 🙂

I’ve got three more boxes of this sub to go! Will keep you updated.


p.s. my everlane order also arrived today. drafting up that post too. lots of photos! measurements! didn’t like a shirt! i’m having such an exciting day haha


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