Month: June 2014

TBT: Music (classical)

A TBT post of my favorite classical music pieces from my past just seems like the most accurate TBT music post I could possibly post. I mean, it’s throwing back in two different ways!

I grew up listening to only classical music and Taiwanese folk songs/oldies. Also, I used to play piano and viola and by extension, played in a youth symphony. Of the many songs I’ve heard/played in the past, there are a couple that really stood out (I managed to narrow it down to ten pieces). The videos are the versions that I prefer listening to.


Julep: Bombshell and It Girl Welcome Boxes + coupon

This post contains referral links.

So I never ended up posting my thoughts for my first Julep welcome box… mainly because I decided to cancel my subscription right after I tried them out (I didn’t think the subscription was worth the $19.99 a month) because I didn’t like the formulas of either one. The subscription is now $24.99 a month (cheaper with a longer subscription) which is quite pricey for 2-3 polishes or 2-3 beauty items a month, imo.

Scroll all the way to the bottom if you want details about the coupon code.

Free welcome box (just pay shipping).


Everlane: sales tax?

This post contains referral links.

So… I was planning on ordering more Everlane stuff to try but as my mouse hovered over the enthusiastic “Place Order!” button, I suddenly thought to change the address to the Michigan address of the apartment that’s waiting for me once graduate school starts in August. And lo and behold, no sales tax!

Everlane is a San Francisco-based company so since I live in the same state, I was charged a 8.75% sales tax everytime I placed an order. For the current combination of clothing in my “Shopping Bag,” that’s about a $10 sales tax on top of my 100+ order. I’m currently unemployed and would prefer not paying extra if I had to. Michigan does have a sales tax (albeit a much lower one), but since it’s not California, Everlane isn’t required to charge a sales tax.

This may seem like an obvious thing, but I really had no idea that people outside of California are likely not being charged the state sales tax. While I can’t find any online stories/evidence to prove this, it makes sense. I’m not going to start adding a bunch of addresses in random states to test this, but if anyone who lives outside California but in the US (Canadian customers have to pay taxes and other things I don’t understand) can corroborate my “findings,” please let me know 😉

It certainly not a huge deal since I’ve been paying sales tax on everything from anywhere as long as can remember (except for those golden Amazon days), but it was just an interesting thing to note.

I’ll probably hold off on purchasing some of the pricier items (silk shirt) until after moving to Michigan, but in the mean time, I will likely place an order for two shirts just to see what they’re like. I’m super curious about the v-necks since so many people love them, and I also want to try the men’s cotton crew. I’ll keep you updated.

This is not a sponsored post (and I have no idea why you could think it is lol), and if you’d like to make an Everlane purchase and would like to use my referral code, please click here. I get a $15 credit when you make your first purchase. As always, it would be much appreciated. 🙂


Random thoughts

Just a few things that have been on my mind recently. Like mini-things that would best be posted as a tweet… I don’t use twitter, but I do have a blog and it allows me to write more than 140 characters at a time.


Here’s a random photo (by me) of the Pacific Ocean but from the East/Taiwan (I’ve only ever seen it in person from the West/California).

1. Received my order of moisturizers (by TheBalm) that I’m excited to try and review. I hate trying new things (I have so many samples I never use) in case something bad happens, but I really need to just dive in and shake my routine up because there’s always room for improvement. I’ll share my thoughts after trying them out for a while.

2. Bought a Memebox! Specifically, I got Luckybox #4. I signed up during their 10 point promotion and emailed them with a blog that referred me (just google “memebox referral”so find a blog) and boom! Got 5 more points. Their point system is pretty nice since each point translates to one dollar. So I had $15 to spend and that brought the cost of the box down to a little less than $13 and that includes shipping. I really want to try the LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence since it seems to be a hit. It’s not going to start shipping until the 9th but I’ll try to keep you posted on that as well.

3. My current clay mask (Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask) is running low and I stopped by Target the other day to buy my third bottle of the awesome stuff and saw it wasn’t on the shelves anymore! Instead, there was the Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask with Willowbark. I didn’t see if there are any ingredient differences yet, but I think my HG mask been discontinued (bottles are selling for like $30 on ebay when it was $10 at Target) and replaced (as my friend would say, “shit, son”). At least the replacement seems to be getting good reviews. I’ll probably try it once my current bottle runs out. But needless to say, I’m pretty bummed.

4. I have to admit, I was a little surprised to see this video pop up on my tumblr dash today:

Our Last Night is a band I used to listen to and love back in high school (like 2007-2010). I kind of lost interest once I started college. And their sound was heavier but always catchy. Also, back then, the lead singer was like 14. Way to make me feel old, dude. And it’s kind of weirding me out how he and his older brother could pass for twins. But that aside, I’m glad they’re doing well (other songs, acoustic covers and actual covers seem solid), and it seems like their talents have matured. I bet they have great live shows. Definitely going to go back and check out their recent stuff.

5. Julep is now sold at Sephora?!?? I’m not a huge Julep fan but maybe the colors I’ve tried happened to be the not so good ones. IDK… I still think Zoya has the better formula and it’s cheaper.

6. It’s already June and I still have no idea how to move across the country (in August). Amtrak? USPS? … I should figure that out.

7. Game of Thrones s04e08 ending was brutal. I knew what was going to happen, but I did not expect that much visual and aural detail. Seriously unnecessary. Ugh. Still can’t unsee/unhear. You know what I’m talking about (or maybe you don’t but be glad you don’t).

8. No idea if anyone actually reads this, but if you’re interested in subscription boxes, you should check out my friend’s blog here. She posts pretty honest reviews of what she likes and dislikes and has cool posts about swaps she’s made and little life tidbits.



TV world: growing up

In edition to watching shows about zombies (I’ve also recently finished the last two books in the Newsflesh trilogy and my brain is still trying to untangle itself from that reality. Definitely a series worth checking out if you want to read about a zombie apocalypse in a wildly different world (see: bloggers, virology, science!). Not the best writing, but the trilogy’s concept/world building is so worth it.), I love watching shows about growing up and dealing with the “actual world.”

These shows just feel so real and relatable and are a nice (but also depressing) break from other shows out there that are more about specific situations/jobs (crime, firefighting, medicine) or different worlds (fantasy, sci-fi) rather than the real world and the everyday.

Not going to talk about My So-Called Life or Undeclared or Freaks and Geeks because I’ve already covered them here.

So what shows could I possibly be talking about? (more…)