Things I want: 3.1 Phillip Lim Wednesday Bag

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Why hello, gorgeous.

3.1 Phillip Lim Wednesday Leather Shoulder Bag

I have my eye on you. I’ve been on the search for a versatile black crossbody bag. After debating for a while, I bought a vintage Coach Willis bag off ebay a few months ago in dark brown and decided the bag wasn’t for me. It was a little larger than I anticipated, despite measuring out the bag’s measurements and the style wasn’t as appealing to me in person. So my search continued.

Enter the Wednesday Bag by Phillip Lim. I wasn’t initially drawn to the bag like I was with the Willis, but I had a ton of tabs open after browsing Nordstrom. In the end, this bag and the mini Pashli were the only tabs left. The Pashli is on my wishlist; its design is unusual but since it seems like a lot of people own one, the design becomes a little less unique. Blame my hipster-ness due to my upbringing and environment (SF/Bay Area = hipster capital, along with Seattle).

I’ve never seen the Wednesday bag before and kind of fell in love with it. It meets all my requirements: removable and adjustable long strap, easy but secure clasp closure, minimal color, flap design, short strap/handle, leather, interior and exterior pockets and small unique details like studs on the adjustable the short handle or feet or an all-black design. Love that the studs and all-black color adds some edge to the look of the bag (I’ve realized I’ve been dressing more like a prep school kid and want some more excitement in my wardrobe lol).

The only down side is the price. At a whopping $875 buck-a-roos, it looked like this bag would remain on my wishlist forever. However/fortunately, due to my recent trip to Taiwan, I’ve, ahem, acquired a few red envelopes that would help cover half the cost. I’m still not entirely sure I’m ready to cough up about $400 of my savings for this bag, so I’ve decided to wait to get this a few months into graduate school, where I might be able to save up a few hundred more dollars using my stipend (thank you for being cheaper than California, Midwest). Crossing my fingers that this bag will still be available by the end of the year.

Sighing forever.



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