My Everlane Closet

OK, I’m alive – really I am. Kind of winded by the impending end of classes and my rotations, but it’ll be fine. It’s crazy that my first year of grad school is coming to a close! Soon I’ll have to choose a dissertation lab and start research for real – eep!

But enough chit chat, here’s the clothes.

In my defense, most of my clothing purchases in the past three months were from Everlane. I got maybe a cami and a few thrift store purchases, but that’s it for clothes! Really it is!

The women’s U-neck (white, muted black, navy blue)
Clearly I am a fan of this shirt, and I got three of them in various basic colors. They all fit great, not too long but with a slight bit of drape. I’ve started wearing them almost every day of the week, since they’re just an easy and no-brainer choice. The only thing minor thing is that the inside of the collar hem starts to flip upwards after a few washes, but the collar is so narrow it’s not really visible. Also, I somehow managed to tear a tiny hole in the white one – but, the fabric doesn’t feel as delicate as the Ryan tee’s rayon, described below.


The Ryan pocket tee (charcoal)
I love this shirt so much. It is slouchy without making me look like a hobo. The scoop neck is not so deep that I flash people. The color is perfect. The pocket is a cute touch. The rayon feels soft but is unfortunately a little difficult to maintain. I wore it with a backpack for one morning, and the lower back region already started to texturize. I stopped wearing my backpack with it, and now it’s permanently just on the cusp of pilling. Also, when I hold it up it always looks like it’s shrunk in the wash (I did tumble dry once), but when it’s on me it doesn’t seem much shorter than before.


The silk rounded collar (dusk)
I really like this, even though it is a little more loose-fitting and loose-hanging than I’m used to. (I’m 5’2″.) The sleeves are also pretty long, but if I roll up the cuffs once they’re perfect. Even though it’s slouchy it does look pretty formal in real life, so I haven’t worn it outside yet. Maybe for some upcoming conference? 🙂

The silk quality seems good and thick. The color is maybe a little more purple in real life than the photo suggests, so I think it can work with my skin tone but would definitely be styling-dependent.


The slouchy cashmere V-neck (black)
Oh man. This one I’m pretty proud of. I don’t know where I first came up with the whim, but I really wanted a nice black cashmere V-neck sweater and this one fit the bill perfectly. I hemmed and hawed over the high price tag for weeks, finally deciding to purchase it at the start of the following month when my budget was reset. When the first of the month rolled around, I waited to make the purchase that night. To my dismay, my size sold out that very day. I moped about for awhile, obsessively checking the site for any popbacks. Unfortunately, no one returned their sweater and I eventually gave up.

About a month later, I was browsing Everlane’s website when I saw that my size was back in stock! I placed an order right then, and it sold out once again after I made my purchase. It actually fits pretty great, and it’s super soft and warm! I have limited experience with cashmere, so I don’t know if it’s pilling faster than normal cashmere would. I actually wore it once with my pill-machine backpack too, because I am a dumbass. So that was partly my fault. The rest of it seems to be holding up great though! I haven’t worn it too many times though, because I’m afraid of more pilling with my perpetual backpack-wearing grad lifestyle, and also I’m scared to wash the sweater. And it’s pure black, which shows lint and dust so much more than grey.

Now I have a yearning for the cashmere crew in light gray. (What is wrong with me.) I blame Atlantic-Pacific, because she has one and it looks so nice on her from what little is visible. She also recently got the black cashmere V-neck!


The silk sleeveless (royal blue)
For some reason this is no longer online, even though it was in the wave of silk tops released in April 9th. It appears to have been replaced by a lovely blush color. IDK, I’m still on the fence about this one. For one thing, the color is much less intense in real life than the photo would suggest. The cut isn’t bad though, and the silk quality is as good as my other Everlane silk shirt. I’ll have to wear it more to see.



*Edit 8/14/2014: I love this shirt so much holy crap. The grey-blue color (irl) is pretty nice, even though it’s not as brilliant blue as this photo. I have to tuck it into the front of my jeans otherwise it just hangs super loose all around, but when done right it looks pretty awesome. The best part is that the armholes are cut so that it makes my shoulders look less wide, a problem I often have. Excuse me while I go buy another – SOMEONE STOP ME but no really don’t.


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