Review: Everlane Short Sleeve Sweatshirt in black

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Oops. It’s been a while. I’m currently in Taiwan and haven’t had time to get on the internet, let alone type something up. I’m staying at my aunt’s/grandma’s and I’m in the room that’s furthest from the router and therefore, I’m in the only room in the whole apartment without a wi-fi signal so I’ve been just keeping up with things via my my phone from the living room. Anyway, I finally have a few spare hours at night where I’m not exhausted so I thought I’d finally add pictures to this post and finally publish it.

So… I placed another Everlane order. The short sleeve sweatshirt and boyfriend sweatshirt are finally back in stock in all three colors (heather gray, black and blue).

As mentioned in my last Everlane review post, I’ve been pining for the short sleeve sweatshirt in black for a while now. IIRC, originally, a March 31 restock date was planned but was pushed back until April 14. So when April 14 came around, I quickly put in my order so I could get it before leaving for Taiwan next week. In addition to the short sleeve sweatshirt in black, I picked up another u-neck tee, in navy this time around, as it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite clothing colors.

Skip to the next paragraph if you want to read about the sweatshirt. Just a quick paragraph on my thoughts on the navy u-neck since I reviewed it (in white) pretty thoroughly.

I’m loving this navy tee. It’s the perfect saturated deep navy that I love (deeper and darker than my school color’s blue). It seems to lean a little purple (like between a true navy and a royal blue). It feels the same weight as my white shirt and also has a screen printed tag. I already know this is going to be one of my go-to shirts in the upcoming days. I’m definitely taking it to Taiwan with me since it’s made of a lightweight, breathable but substantial material. It’ll also look great with all my jeans and skirts. Seriously comfy, man.

Here are a few real-life photos. Excuse the sweatpants lol

navy u-neck from the front

navy u-neck from the side

navy u-neck from the side. note the hi-lo hem

up close and personal

up close and personal

Now onto the short sleeve sweatshirt in black.

Size: It’s everything I wanted and more. I got it in small, the size I am in u-necks. The cut is on the boxy side and the sleeves fit slightly dolman-like on me since the sweatshirt is about 2-3 inches wider than I am. This is the cut I want, but if you want something slimmer, think about going down a size. The small measures 19″ across (straight fit) and 25″ long (from top to bottom hem). For reference, I’m 5’2″ about 34-26-36.

Style: The seam style of the sleeves remind me of baseball tees. What made me want this sweatshirt in the first place is the sleeve length. The sleeves are long short sleeves at about 10-11″ long unrolled and come down to about 1-2″ above my actual elbow. The sweater came cuffed based on the sleeve hem (1″), but I prefer a larger/chunkier cuff so I re-rolled the sleeve so the sleeves are around 8″ and the cuff is 1.5″ which is exactly what I wanted. I love how the bottom has a nice ~2″ hem. It makes the sweatshirt look more finished and polished. There are no side vents or pockets.

Other + Styling: There is an actual tag but it’s soft and I didn’t feel it on my neck/back at all. You can probably easily cut/rip it out since it seems flimsily stitched on. I expected the fabric to be on the thicker end of things, but I didn’t expect it to be this substantial. It’s definitely a heavier-knit sweatshirt, like 5 mm in thickness. I can see this sweatshirt being worn during all seasons (except maybe summer). If paired with a thin shirt underneath, it’d be great for windy/cooler spring days. I really want to wear this over my white button-up shirt (like the model) and I think it’d look great outdoors in autumn (paired with long sleeve shirts or with a dress underneath) or indoors in winter. It’s soft and not too stiff (it’ll soften up with wear).

Color: As for color, I’d say it’s between jet black and muted black. It’s that shade of black that doesn’t really fade but is dark enough to be considered black, if that makes sense.

A few real-life pictures:

left: tag from the front; right: tag from the back

left: tag from the front; right: tag from the back

photo of the sleeve to show sweatshirt thickness

photo of the sleeve to show sweatshirt thickness

photo to show raglan/baseball tee details

photo edited to show raglan/baseball tee details

paired with skinny jeans; sleeves come to my elbow unrolled

paired with skinny jeans; sleeves come to my elbow unrolled… ignore my fug feet

I’m already thinking about my next order. Eying (spelled it wrong again. is2g it should be eyeing) more shirts. I’d also love to own another sweatshirt in a different style. Currently trying to choose one of the following: 1) more standard fit and longer 2) more unusual style- on the shorter side and with a boatneck. The cashmere sweaters are a little out of my price range, but Tammy recently got one (and a shit ton more that I didn’t know about haha), and she’s doing a quick post about her purchases too.

Again, they have a cool shipping policy: you get 24 hours of free shipping on any item(s) when you make an account and after those 24 hours, you get free shipping whenever you buy 2 or more items.

If you would like to make a purchase and would like to use my referral link, you can find it here. It would be much appreciated 🙂 Full disclosure, I get a $15 credit to nurse my Everlane addiction when someone signs up and makes a purchase using my link.

Happy shopping!


on a completely different/random note, i’ve been listening to a lot of arctic monkeys today.

i remember listening to them in middle school when whatever people say i am, that’s what i’m not came out and i remember hearing about all their other albums except for suck it and see. maybe that album is overshadowed by their other albums? then again, i fell out of keeping up with the music scene for a year or two.

anyway, i love the sound and mood of suck it and see. which surprised me since it’s more pop-y and seeming more accessible than most of their other albums. however, it has an almost old-school sound and i love the tonality/keys used. i mean, “don’t sit down ’cause i’ve moved your chair” is just giving me all the “enter sandman” vibes. A+

it’s probably one of my favorite albums by them. one of those albums i can listen to without skipping a song. so i’m excited to see them again at outside lands in august with tammy! it’ll be my last california adventure before moving to the midwest for the next few years.


  1. Love this! Thanks for the review! I’m exactly your size so this really helps me in making decisions to purchase more from Everlane. 🙂

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