Month: May 2014

My Taiwan skincare haul

Did a little bit of research before heading to Taiwan on what skincare items would be good to look for while in Asia. I mainly consulted the “Asian Beauty” subreddit and a bit of Googling. Tammy also sent me a list written by our good friend. So I had a general idea of what I wanted to look for.

Here’s a photo of part of (half of my haul consists of boxes of masks so you’re not missing much) my haul all laid out under incandescent light:


from top left corner going clockwise: Etude House face masks (singles), Skin Food Black Sugar Mask, Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner, The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil, Nexcare Acne stickers/covers, My Beauty Diary face masks (Black Pearl pictured), Missha Snail Sheet Masks
not pictured: Biore Deep Free Facial Bright Wash Foam


TBT: Music (the teenage years)

I’m typing this up on Microsoft Word as I’m on a train on Taiwan’s High Speed Rail (clearly without internet) on the way to visit my grandma for Mother’s Day. I was in a bad mood earlier and was sitting in the waiting area for the train when I decided to listen to some music from my teen angst days (mainly high school). I discovered music relatively late in life (summer before seventh grade), but like many people, music was, and still is, my main emotional outlet.

I pretty much had similar music preferences as someone part of the “scene”, but you’d never know, as I was (and still am) a short Asian girl who dressed like a 40-year-old lady (as my aunt kindly describes my style),

While my music tastes have evolved and I’ve slowly gravitated to more “mellow” music (for lack of a better encompassing term, see: “hipster/indie minus the Mumford”) in recent years, on particularly crappy days or shitty moments, putting on an old playlist seriously puts a smile on my face. Most of these songs were on constant rotation for a couple of years, but WOW has it been a while since I’ve visited some of these songs. There’s a variety of stuff posted below the cut.

So, teen-angst me, this post’s for you.


Things I want: 3.1 Phillip Lim Wednesday Bag

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Why hello, gorgeous.

3.1 Phillip Lim Wednesday Leather Shoulder Bag

I have my eye on you. I’ve been on the search for a versatile black crossbody bag. After debating for a while, I bought a vintage Coach Willis bag off ebay a few months ago in dark brown and decided the bag wasn’t for me. It was a little larger than I anticipated, despite measuring out the bag’s measurements and the style wasn’t as appealing to me in person. So my search continued.

Enter the Wednesday Bag by Phillip Lim. I wasn’t initially drawn to the bag like I was with the Willis, but I had a ton of tabs open after browsing Nordstrom. In the end, this bag and the mini Pashli were the only tabs left. The Pashli is on my wishlist; its design is unusual but since it seems like a lot of people own one, the design becomes a little less unique. Blame my hipster-ness due to my upbringing and environment (SF/Bay Area = hipster capital, along with Seattle).

I’ve never seen the Wednesday bag before and kind of fell in love with it. It meets all my requirements: removable and adjustable long strap, easy but secure clasp closure, minimal color, flap design, short strap/handle, leather, interior and exterior pockets and small unique details like studs on the adjustable the short handle or feet or an all-black design. Love that the studs and all-black color adds some edge to the look of the bag (I’ve realized I’ve been dressing more like a prep school kid and want some more excitement in my wardrobe lol).

The only down side is the price. At a whopping $875 buck-a-roos, it looked like this bag would remain on my wishlist forever. However/fortunately, due to my recent trip to Taiwan, I’ve, ahem, acquired a few red envelopes that would help cover half the cost. I’m still not entirely sure I’m ready to cough up about $400 of my savings for this bag, so I’ve decided to wait to get this a few months into graduate school, where I might be able to save up a few hundred more dollars using my stipend (thank you for being cheaper than California, Midwest). Crossing my fingers that this bag will still be available by the end of the year.

Sighing forever.


SF eats: Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous

2014-05-09 17.02.06

Background reading.

Let me talk to you about one of my favorite ice cream shops. I tend to think of myself as a rather avid fan of ice cream, and I am the first to suggest scoping out a new ice cream spot. Though Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous is not exactly new (they opened almost exactly four years ago, in May 2010), it was way out in Dogpatch and I never had reason to go there until I started working in a nearby lab. Now, of course, it’s a nice excuse to take a break from lab and go on a short bike ride in the warm sunshine – or extreme gusty winds, as was the case today. Their hours can be a little odd and unpredictable, and sometimes you’ll go on a Saturday afternoon and find that there’s a half hour-long line stretched out the door. But! It’s good ice cream, man. What can I say?

Music – April 2014

Some songs I’ve been listening to:

Arcade Fire – Intervention
The Beach Boys – Barbara Ann
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals – Stars
Iggy Azalea feat. Charlie XCX – Fancy
Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek
The Offspring – Why Don’t You Get A Job?
Skybox – Light
Surfer Blood – Demon Dance

My Everlane Closet

OK, I’m alive – really I am. Kind of winded by the impending end of classes and my rotations, but it’ll be fine. It’s crazy that my first year of grad school is coming to a close! Soon I’ll have to choose a dissertation lab and start research for real – eep!

But enough chit chat, here’s the clothes.

In my defense, most of my clothing purchases in the past three months were from Everlane. I got maybe a cami and a few thrift store purchases, but that’s it for clothes! Really it is! (more…)