Ulta Haul: Stila In the Know Palette and other things

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Warning: photo-heavy post.

Ulta was having their 21 Days of Beauty event and had a special on Stila’s In the Know eyeshadow palette. The palette was marked down from $39 to $20. I had been eying (can’t believe this is seriously how you spell it. “eyeing” just looks more correct idk) the palette for a couple of weeks and decided to just get the thing. To qualify for free shipping, I also picked up a few other items: an eyeshadow primer, a shimmery eyeshadow and a brush).


Ulta Professional Synthetic Pointed Eyeliner Brush

I also got this to use as a more precise eyeshadow brush applicator. It works pretty well since my eye area is on the smaller side. The brush is no longer available online.

It weirded me out a little that when I opened this, the product was all over the nozzle area and in the cap. The tube was sealed when I got it and the white lettering chipped off quickly, so I wonder if it’s just not-great packaging or something. I tried it briefly on my lids and it’s super light. I haven’t tried it wit eyeshadow over it yet though. It’ll work for my purposes: to learn how to apply eyeshadow.

jane primer swatch

Jane Cosmetics Eye Primer: slightly blended (left) and right out of the tube (right)

Next is this pretty shimmer eyeshadow.

Love the lotus/flower pattern. For a swatch of this compared next to the palette swatches, see way below. It’s not as pigmented as the palette eyeshadows, but it’s a really pretty golden shimmer.

Here’s a close-up of a swatch of the eyeshadow:

closeup of jane

Jane Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Shadow in Ray of Light (the dark one right next to it is Ebony from the palette)

Ulta is still having a “buy 2 for $8” promotion for the Jane Cosmetics brand. Most of their products are $8 so this is almost like a buy one get one free deal. You can also mix and match products for this promotion like I did.

It’s so pretty! All the colors are matte shadows and paraben free. It’s a cardboard box with a large-ish mirror. I only have e.l.f. eyeshadows to compare this palette to and it’s clear this one is better. There’s less fallout, apply pigmented and are creamier in texture. I haven’t really used eyeshadow before so my application and learning method is much like Tammy’s haha. I also need to invest in better brushes since the ones I have (e.l.f. ones) can barely hold any shadow at all. The palette also comes with an 8-page booklet with detailed looks like the one pictured below. Super helpful for n00bs like me.


back of palette

Back of the palette

stila closeup review 2

Close-ups of the pans

Desert has more of an orange/peach tinge and clay is more peach/pink.

Driftwood is more brown and rain is slightly more purple/taupe and earth is a darker brown.

smudge stick

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Halfmoon

It’s supposed to be retractable but mine didn’t really work like it was supposed to. Just a heads up, once the stick is twisted up, it won’t go down… so don’t twist it up unless you really need it. I didn’t know this and ended up twisting it up. Looking at different online blog reviews, this seems to be a common problem with the liner packaging. I twisted it for like minutes (before I knew it wouldn’t go back down) and only half a centimeter came out. I accidentally broke it off while trying to push it down with my fingers (lol it was going to smash against the cap anyway). And now no matter how much I twist, nothing comes out which is unfortunate because the liner is a gorgeous steel gray with purple.

A positive of this liner is that it really is waterproof. I tried rubbing it off, using water, using soap and water but nothing really worked. The only thing that ended up removing the smudge stick mark from my hand completely was my Shiseido Ultimate Cleansing Oil. I assume any oil-based makeup remover can remove this. I did try this briefly on my eyes. It smudges well, but it might just be because of my oily, oily lids. it stayed in place for the 3 hours I had this on though. I really do like it, but the packaging just really makes me sad which I won’t be able to get any more product out of this.

smudge 1

Swatches (with a light hand) left to right: Smoke (from palette), Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Halfmoon, Ebony (from palette)

smudge after rub

After rubbing the area with my finger. Sorry for the change in lighting, but you get the idea.

Here are swatches of the palette, the smudge stick and the Jane eyeshadow:

natural light 1 labelled

in natural (indoor) light

natural light 2 labelled

in natural light

natural light labelled

in natural light

sunlight 1 labelled

under sunlight

sunlight 2 labelled

under sunlight

sunlight labelled

under sunlight

with flash labelled

with flash, indoors (you can see the differences between desert/clay and driftwood/rain/earth better)

For reference, my skin is considered on the yellow side (I’m Asian) but I definitely have pink undertones (as you can see in my photos lol). I haven’t been properly matched, but I suspect I’m between NC25-NC30 in MAC foundation.



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