Julep Maven Subscription Box Details

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Photo from Julep, click to join using my referral code

After months of debating about it, I finally got a Julep Maven box. They’ve changed their policies since I first heard about them like 1+ years ago, so I decided to get a box before more changes occur. Since most subscription box blogs subscribed to Julep before these changes occurred, I haven’t seen many posts about joining for the first time after these changes and decided to make a post to help other new subscribers like me. I first heard about Julep back in late 2012-early 2013 so I’ll try to break down the differences between then and now as well as explain how the box works a little.

Previously, there were five Style Profiles: Classic with a Twist, Bombshell, It Girl, American Beauty, and Boho Glam. Boxes contained 2 nail polishes every month (no overlap between the boxes) and a spa product or three nail polishes (no spa product) or two spa products for $19.99 (shipping included).

Julep Maven boxes changed every month, and new subscribers could either pick which box they wanted. You could also take the Style Profile quiz to figure out which box best suits your taste if you couldn’t decide which box to pick. Therefore, first time subscribers got different “first boxes” depending on when (aka which month) and which profile s/he signed up for. Also, if you signed up before December 18, 2013, you were and are still able to “skip a month” whenever you want.

Nowadays, there are fixed “welcome boxes” that you can try for free (use the code FREEBOX or FREEMAVEN or FREECOLOR during check out) not including shipping and handling ($4.99) that don’t change from month to month. But otherwise, there are still five style profiles (American Beauty was retired and Modern Beauty created to replace it) that have different monthly boxes for the same $19.99. You get two nail polishes and one full-size beauty item (which I interpret as an umbrella term that includes “spa” items and makeup products) or three nail polishes or two full-size beauty products. Also, whereas before you could have a different starter box, new subscribers start off with fixed “welcome boxes” that don’t change from month to month. This was the main reason why I was a little bummed about joining. I was waiting for a month where I really liked all the polishes for a certain box (since they changed every month) but now they’re all fixed polishes.

While you choose a specific style profile for your welcome box, the next month, you can log into your account during the 20th-24th to preview your box, change style profiles if you want, etc. so you’re not chained to a specific style profile from the beginning which is nice.

The biggest change occurred with their “skip a month” policy. If you signed up after December 18, 2013, you are only able to skip a box every 6 months starting from when you sign up (meaning you can skip up to two boxes a year starting from your first box). On their site they use the words “from the date you signed up.” I made my Julep account before December 18, 2013 but did not make an order until now (March 22, 2014), so I’m not sure if they actually mean from the date you signed up for the site or from your actual subscription. I think it’s from the start of your subscription… I’ll update this next month when I know if I have the option to skip or not.

If you don’t have the skip option but don’t want a box that month, you would have to cancel your subscription. Cancellations must occur before the 24th of the month at 11:59pm to avoid being charged on the 27th; you can only cancel over the phone (not via email or in writing) by calling 877-651-3292.

As a Julep Maven (versus a customer without a subscription), you get a box of products every month for $19.99 worth at least a minimum of $40. This is great if you want to try 2-3 nail polishes per month and other nail polish deals. You also get free shipping and 20% off orders and other exclusives. You also get discounted add-on options during check-out. Subscribers are also part of the Jules program. You get different Jules amounts depending on referring friends, buying products, etc. similar to the Birchbox rewards program.

I just received my welcome box and I’ll write a separate review post. I’m planning on trying the box out for one more month before deciding to continue the subscription or cancel it ($19.99 a month is a good price but still pricey for an unemployed recent college grad).

This is not a sponsored post, but if Julep Maven sounds like the program for you and you’d like to sign up for it, I’d really appreciate it if you’d sign up with my referral code by taking the style quiz here! Also, while I’m not a Julep employee, if you have any questions, I’m happy to try and answer them for you.


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