Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

I recently got into eyeshadows, especially since I started my third rotation a few weeks ago. I figured that since I knew no one in this lab before starting, they wouldn’t know or think it was weird that I was suddenly wearing more makeup. Plus, my field (synthetic biology) is oddly male-dominated, at least among the graduate students. I say it’s odd because overall, the field of bioengineering typically has a higher percentage of females than other engineering disciplines do. In my current rotation, most of the postdocs that I work with are male too, so based on prior experience (not stereotypes, I hope), I figured that they wouldn’t notice or care about a bit of eyeshadow.

Another reason was that I recently read this rather old thread on reddit, where a girl observes people’s reactions when she wears varying amounts of makeup.

Anyways. I decided to break out my Urban Decay Naked Palette to practice. I got it over a year ago but never really got into the habit of using it. I also bought the Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eyeshadow Palette this March to have more matte brown-pink colors to play with, since the Naked Palette was a little heavier on the shimmery taupe-y grey shades.

At first learning how to use eyeshadow was kind of a struggle. Examples:

  • *patpatpat* *patpatpat* why is no color showing up. does my brush have anything on it. is my lighting bad.
  • *patpat* WHOOPS too much.
  • where on my eyelids do i put this stuff. why does this make my eye look so weirdly shaped.
  • shoot this all gets hidden in my eyelid fold. *puts more on*

But after watching an embarrassingly large quantity of youtube tutorials, I think I’ve gotten the hang of something that works for now. Frmheadtotoe was especially helpful, since she has the closest eyelid shape to mine.

I also invested in two MAC eyeshadow brushes, the 217 and the 219. I had been using a few from e.l.f., EcoTools, and Everyday Minerals, which generally worked well but were not super varied in shape. The 217 is a fluffy blending brush, which is really helpful because I don’t really know where eyeshadow goes on my eye. So if I blend it all out anything goes! (right? right?) I used to put on eyeshadow with a normal shading brush and try to blend it out with the same brush, which did not work well because that just put more shadow on (duh). So yeah, do use a clean brush to blend, and save yourself some trouble. The 219 is a pencil brush on the other end of the precision spectrum, and it is good for placing shadows in a small area. I haven’t gotten as much use out of it, but it still comes in handy. Next on my list is the 239!

Also I like how MAC stores showcase their brushes in glass beakers. Science!

MAC 217 and 219, respectively. Images from

MAC 217 and 219, respectively. Images from

In short, I absolutely love this Too Faced palette. The colors are pretty pigmented and generally look good on my skin tone. I haven’t tried the notoriously glittery Nude Beach, but for the other shadows it was easy to control the location and quantity that went on my brush and my skin.

Too Faced originally released this palette in Fall 2009 (which doesn’t sound very long ago, but it’s been almost five years! yikes.). However, I think they recently re-released the palette in a metal case with three new shades. I have the old version in a cardboard box, which is odd because I just bought it this month. I haven’t been to a Sephora store in awhile though, so I’m not sure which version they’re selling now. Based on pictures of the new palette, differences in eyeshadows seem to be that:

  1. a super-glittery light pink shade called Nude Beach has been replaced by what looks like matte nude color appropriately called Nude,
  2. a matte taupe shade named Velvet Revolver has been replaced by a warmer shade called Cashmere Bunny, and
  3. A gold-flecked dark brown called Cocoa Puff has been replaced by the seemingly identical Chocolate Martini.

The re-released version must be really new, since I haven’t seen photos or swatches of the new version online.

Image from also shows this new palette.

Because the world clearly needs a 1001st photograph of the exact same eyeshadow palette.

My 2009 version. Because the world clearly needs a 1001st photograph of the exact same eyeshadow palette.

The palette has no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates, which is nice. The Urban Decay Naked Palette unfortunately does have parabens.



  1. after researching a ton of different palettes, i’m tempted to get this one too lol mainly because the stila one has very few browns and more purples. will keep you updated 🙂

    interesting social experiment

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