Hair update. The middle part ain’t happening. (Spoiler alert: alopecia adventures)

Decided to abandon the middle part. It just doesn’t look quite right. Instead, I’ve defaulted to a less severe/heavy side part.

It just looks right. There’s definitely a reason why I’ve worn my hair with a side part on the left side for the past 4+ years. Except I’ve gotten the seeming ubiquitous chop into a lob (is that a thing now?) and my hair is just starting to grow past my shoulders. Add some intense straight bangs and I’ll be rocking the same hair style I had in kindergarten. Does this allow me to claim hipster status? I joke, I joke. Sort of.

On another hair related note, I’ve recently been diagnosed with stress-related alopecia areata so I have a few bald spots going on. This is my second hair falling out “flare up” but last time, it was over all hair thinning rather than spots. This time around, I’ve got both. Ironically enough, my alopecia (autoimmune) is caused by my stress over my graduate school applications for immunology programs. If this life’s sense of humor, life’s not funny… but it’s really more annoying than anything. Fortunately, most of my spots are pretty much hidden but I’ve got one spot right at the top of the crown of my head and due to my overall thinning hair, there’s not always enough hair to cover it up. So I’ve been putting my hair up more often to help cover it up. Got some steroid cream (wooo) from my doctor though, so I’ll be trying that out for four weeks before going back in for a check up. Wish me luck. My hair will hopefully/likely grow back in in a few months to a year. It could be worse.


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