Why hello again.

I know, I know, I have not updated in forever and a day. Definitely thought I’d have time after finals, but clearly having time and having motivation are two distinct things. (You’d think that after 17.5 years of schooling I would have learned this, but apparently I have not.*)

So what have I been up to these past few weeks? 

SCHOOL: I finished my first semester of graduate school, as well as my first rotation! Although I really liked and learned a lot from both of my classes last quarter, I definitely won’t miss cramming for exams. I will miss my first rotation lab though 😥

LEISURE: I finally got a library card to the public library, and I’m trying to set aside some time each night to read for pleasure. I’m finishing up The Wind in the Willows, which I never had the patience to finish as a kid. Then I’ll tackle some Tobias Wolff and Augusten Burroughs. I also have Jodi Picoult’s The Storyteller lined up.

HOME: I’ve gotten super into candles. Although I light Bunsen burners every day in lab, I hadn’t learned how to use a lighter until like two months ago. Then for Christmas Amy gave me a soy candle in Oakmoss & Amber, and it smelled soooo good. (had to put it out shortly, because my mom was afraid I’d burn down the house.) It was so lovely I got a few more in Blueberry Cobbler, Gingerbread Cookie, and Vanilla Hazelnut. 

SHOPPING: I’ve done terrible things, shopping-wise. I won’t list them all out here because holy bejeezus it is overwhelming. Curse you, holiday sales! (specifically, J.Crew sales!) Here are some highlights:

Hoop earrings. This is why I can’t have choices. There are literally thin gold hoop earrings in all diameters from 1″ to 3″ and beyond, in 1/4″ increments. How the hell do I know what size I should get? (by trying them on in a store. but shush.) I ended up getting this 1 3/4″ pair, and it’s thin but not too thin, gold but not too yellow. The texture is also a nice touch.


J.Crew Factory Clare Cardigan in Vintage Berry. I was debating between this bright pink and the more traditional navy color. So glad I got this one. It is eye-searing and fantastic. The 50% off price didn’t hurt either.


Theory pants, from the local Goodwill Boutique. I’ve been meaning to get a pair of grown-up black pants for quite some time now, to wear to presentations and interviews and such (you know, serious grown-up things). I never felt like buying a pair though, because they always seemed kind of expensive for something rather boring, especially given that I wouldn’t be wearing them often. (I wore old black corduroys to my grad school interviews. It was a dark time.) Then I saw two pairs of black Theory pants in my size when I was browsing Goodwill. Because if I’m going to get black big-girl pants, they might as well be discounted Theory, right? No one does work pants like Theory. I ended up coming home with the simpler pair of pants, even though it was slightly scratchy, a skosh tight in the waist, and of course, several inches too long. But hey, they looked good and did the job. Plus they were crisply pressed down the middle of each leg, so 10 points to the previous owner!

I also saw a pair of AG black jeans, which I also was on the lookout for. But tragedy of tragedies, it was a size too small so on the rack it stayed.

J.Crew Cece suede ballet flats in Bluebird. These haven’t arrived yet in the mail, and I’m worried they won’t work. I always try them on in store because they’re so cute, but I could never pinpoint my size in these flats. Plus, $128 is a lot to swallow for a pair of shoes I technically can’t even wear in lab. But then these came into stock, on sale and an additional 40% off, so I finally ordered a pair. I think this style is being phased out, so this is my last chance before eBay.


Also, I am getting my first jeans alteration! One of my pairs of jeans has always been a bit long, but I’ve just rolled up the cuff about an inch so it didn’t scrunch up too much at the bottom. I decided to get it hemmed even higher, to ankle length. I’m a bit nervous – as a short person, I’ve never had ankle-length skinny jeans even though I like how they look. It’s enough cause for celebration to find jeans that don’t hang past my heels. I haven’t picked these up yet so we’ll see how it goes!

*I have a theory that the more active you are, the more active you can become. Like a positive feedback cycle. If you’re lazing around, it’s hard to start being motivated. If you’re already doing things, it’s not hard to put a few more things on your plate. 

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