Music – Throwback Edition

I love looking back at the music tag on my Tumblr. It’s like visiting old friends that you’ve lost contact with, but of whom you have such fond memories. Some songs from my archives in the last two years: 

ABBA – Slipping Through My Fingers. Since seeing Mamma Mia (musical and movie), this song actually makes me tear up when I hear it. Mommyyyyyy…

Beethoven – Piano Concerto No. 5. I most associate this with my senior capstone class in undergrad. During late nights in the lab, I would blast this as an alternative to whatever Top 40s were popular at the time. My groupmate asked if I was a good at piano. He laughed and didn’t believe me when I assured him I was not. (No honestly, this song especially makes me wish I studied piano longer than my one-year stint in elementary school. Isn’t it just the coolest piano concerto ever?)

The Blind Pilot – Always. The Blind Pilot was in San Francisco last December, but I couldn’t make it. Stupid grad apps.

Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run. To the likely chagrin of any fan of The Boss, I discovered this song through Jimmy Fallon’s 2010 Emmys opening sketch.

Camera Obscura – Swans. Oh how I wish I went to their concert this summer!

Camera Obscura – Honey in the Sun

Coldplay – The Scientist. Their concert in Madrid was hands down the best large-venue concert I’ve ever been to. Even though my seat was at a bad angle (it was behind the stage in a circular arena), it was right down close to the action and still high energy. Coldplay put on a spectacular show.

Fleetwood Mac – Second Hand News. This song always makes me a little sad when I hear it. It sounds upbeat and peppy, but the band was going through so much strife when recording this album.

fun. – Sight of the Sun. This song was released at the tail end of my obsession with fun. I had listened to their two albums over and over until I was a little sick of them, and I desperately wished for them to release another album. Then this song came out, and it filled that void for quite a while. I really like the bass line in this song.

Imogen Heap – Aha! Usually when I set an album to play in the background while studying, I let the music wash over me mindlessly. One day I put on Ellipse, and this song really jumped out at me. (That’s when you know a song is good – when you it catches your attention immediately.) The Pentatonix also have a fabulous cover of this.

Ke$ha – Die Young. Scoff all you want, Ke$ha is actually a pretty amazing singer. Exhibit A.

Maria Taylor – Song Beneath the Song. Maria Taylor came highly recommended – and by that I mean Anthropologie plays her music in stores.

Matt Nathanson – Modern Love

Mika – Stardust. I followed the release of the Origin of Love album from the first hints on Wikipedia to the day it dropped. It did not disappoint.

Mumford & Sons – Below My Feet. Babel was another much-hyped album. The whole album kind of blurs together, but most of the songs are also individually awesome.

My Chemical Romance – Bulletproof Heart. The Black Parade was my all-time most-listened-to album (RIP iTunes play counts on old computer), but there was a four-year break before MCR released this album, Danger Days. By then I was a little over their work and only really liked the first single, “Na Na Na” (a terrible name, but that’s neither here nor there). It took me forever to really listen to the rest of the album. The three on this list are my favorites, and there are some other songs of note (“SING,” “Planetary [GO!”).

My Chemical Romance – The Only Hope For Me Is You

My Chemical Romance – Summertime. At press time, “Summertime” is my second most highly-played song on iTunes. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

The New Pornographers – The Laws Have Changed. In an episode of Gilmore Girls, Rory goes to see The Shins in a club. Right after they finish their set with “So Says I” (also fantastic), this song comes on in the background. I immediately Googled the lyrics and have been listening to it ever since.

P!nk – Try

Rossini – Largo Al Factotum, from The Barber of Seville. The whole thing is good, but the last fifth is the best part.

Starship – We Built This City. I started listening to this song hardcore after seeing Rock of Ages last February. Although ’80s music is not really my thing, I suddenly and inexplicably became very taken with this song.

The songs on my Tumblr were chosen with great care and consideration. At the time, I was completely obsessed with each song. That’s probably why they fell out of rotation – they became overplayed and then they got lost in my ocean of music.



  1. JUST FINALLY READ THROUGH. wish you had posted this with links because people (ahem, me) are lazy

    SUMMERTIME BY MCR IS THE BOMB. WTF i’ve never even heard of danger days. fail

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