Berkeley eats: Purple Kow

Amy and I first went to Purple Kow over the summer in San Francisco’s Outer Richmond. However, as those familiar with San Francisco’s geography knows, the Outer Richmond is a mostly residential neighborhood that’s difficult to access by public transportation. The only nearby attraction is the amazing Shanghai Dumpling King, which, to be honest, may be reason enough to visit the area. Against all reason, the line for Purple Kow was long and slow. (What are people doing out here in the boonies? Do they live here? Are they visiting just for PMT?) Needless to say, we were excited when a Berkeley store opened up on Center Street. 

The hallmark of Purple Kow PMT is their signature cup, which is slightly shorter and far stouter than the average PMT cup.

2013-09-12 16.20.40

Left: Amy’s tea crema. It’s iced tea covered with a layer of cream foam, and then you mix it together to get that light tan layer you see in the middle.

Right: My passionfruit QQ. It consists of passionfruit green tea with pearls and coconut jelly. The pearls are slightly smaller than the ones you get with normal PMT, IIRC. Last time I came here I got the peach QQ, which has peach green tea and additional peach chunks. I can’t really taste the difference between passionfruit tea and peach tea, so they were comparable. For an everyday drink, I like this more than the traditional PMT since it’s lighter. (although, it’s still huge, so.)

Their salt & pepper fried chicken (middle) is also delicious, and it’s liberally seasoned with spice powder (which is the best part).


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