Tokyo, Day 3

Our last day of Tokyo was pretty chill. We woke up late and went to Shinjuku Station for breakfast. As a friend had forewarned, we did get lost. Multiple times. (It’s one of the largest and busiest train stations in the world!) But it’s cool, we found what we were looking for, which was food. Train station food in Japan is awesome and, when we were there, quite affordable. It was rare to spend more than 20 USD on a meal for two, at least at the places we were eating. 

It was that awkward time when the breakfast stores were finishing up, but the lunchtime stores were not yet functional. Luckily, there were a few stores still serving breakfast. The one we chose was the following:

For a brief, crazed moment I thought it was a free-standing noodle soup vending machine. Upon closer inspection [of other people using the machine], it merely released a ticket containing your order, which you would then bring to the lady at the counter so she could make it. That way, you could pay first at a machine and then the food preparers wouldn’t have to deal with or handle cash. Convenient and sanitary!

This is what I got from the nice lady at the counter.

Sense a pattern?

Sense a pattern?

She asked if we wanted it with a fresh egg. When in doubt, always go for the fresh egg. (At least in Japan; can’t vouch for the sanitation in other places.)

At this point, I had not yet partaken of a bowl of ramen, which was very sad. (Time was running out!) My travel partner did not like ramen as much as, say, udon because it was machine-cut and so often too stiff. But it eventually turned out okay; we had some in Kyoto, and it was terrific.

Then, we wended our way out of Shinjuku Station into the wider world. First: the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. The point of this excursion was to head up its twin towers for a (rather blue) view of the city.



Yes, Tokyo is very very big.

Then we went back to the station for lunch. Hah.



This was so magically delicious. Seeing this photo makes me salivate, and it makes my tongue hurt because I always burn my tongue eating 粥 while it’s too hot.

We didn’t do much the rest of the afternoon, partly because I didn’t plan any activity and partly because my feet were killing me. We hung out in Shinjuku for awhile, browsing the Tokyu Hands department store for crazy Japanese knickknacks. Then we headed to Shibuya to see and participate in the scramble crossing outside the station.


Before I left on this trip, my friends would make fun of tourists that went to the nearby 2nd-floor Starbucks to take photos of the intersection. So obviously that’s what I did.


Gearing up


And the flood gates have opened!

Next stop: Kyoto!


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