Month: September 2013

Berkeley eats: Purple Kow

Amy and I first went to Purple Kow over the summer in San Francisco’s Outer Richmond. However, as those familiar with San Francisco’s geography knows, the Outer Richmond is a mostly residential neighborhood that’s difficult to access by public transportation. The only nearby attraction is the amazing Shanghai Dumpling King, which, to be honest, may be reason enough to visit the area. Against all reason, the line for Purple Kow was long and slow. (What are people doing out here in the boonies? Do they live here? Are they visiting just for PMT?) Needless to say, we were excited when a Berkeley store opened up on Center Street.  (more…)

Collage: Winter Wools

This collage made my wrists cry but makes my brain so happy:


1 coat ; 2 cardigan ; 3 jacket ; 4 mini skirt ; 5 dress (on sale!);
6 sweater ; 7 long skirt ; 8 cardigan ; 9 skimmer pant (on sale!)
click on the collage for a bigger and more detailed view

I tried to find a variety of affordable (especially once they go on sale) items that contained around 40% or more wool that would be great for winter. So I pretty much wanted to include every single coat and jacket from Zara, but made myself only pick one. I hope my restraint was worth it. I sadly own none of these items, but absolutely adore every single piece (especially that coat and mini skirt). Happy shopping!

– amy

Etsy favorites part 1: Jewelry

I’ve been on/off etsy for a number of years and there have always been a few stores that I love browsing through. This post will focus mainly on jewelry stores (because I have favorited so many of them) and I’ll have a separate post for miscellaneous (seriously, they’re random and all over the place) etsy stores. Trying to format all these pictures was the biggest pain in the ass… ended up spending an extra 30m fixing formatting with Photoshop.

Jewelry stores have always been great finds on etsy. I love how most jewelry (not vintage ones) sold on etsy are cheaper than jewelry retail stores; instead of paying for a brand name, you tend to be paying for just the craftsmanship and materials used. Here are just four of my favorites that I’ve consistently ogled at over the years (all photos taken from sellers’ stores and linked to original source). Click through for descriptions and a lot of photos:


Tokyo, Day 3

Our last day of Tokyo was pretty chill. We woke up late and went to Shinjuku Station for breakfast. As a friend had forewarned, we did get lost. Multiple times. (It’s one of the largest and busiest train stations in the world!) But it’s cool, we found what we were looking for, which was food. Train station food in Japan is awesome and, when we were there, quite affordable. It was rare to spend more than 20 USD on a meal for two, at least at the places we were eating.  (more…)