Weekend recap of sorts…

Hello, it’s been a while and I really have no reason other than laziness. Too lazy to take pictures and write. I took pictures of some stuff with my nice camera (vs. my iPhone) when I went home this past weekend, but of course, I forgot to upload the pictures and I left my camera at home. So I can’t even blog about the things I want to just yet. Patience.

Went to see Star Trek again with Tammy and other friends. There’s a local theatre that shows movies that’re out of other theatres at discounted prices so we went since Tammy and another friend hadn’t seen it yet. Still good after the third time (just take all my money, J. J. Abrams). Also, kind of have to love the movies since two of my school’s alumni are in the movie. Winkwink. Also, Benny and Mickey! Then we went home and watched the first movie while playing Scrabble at midnight. It was a good night.

So San Diego Comic-Con just ended this weekend days ago so all I’ve really been doing is watching panels on youtube. Pretty much all of my favorite videos are Nerd HQ videos (thanks Zachary Levi) (click here for information about Nerd HQ). The “conversation” takes place either with cast & creators of a show or an individual person. Unlike the usual panels, Nerd HQ ones require tickets that you can buy (aka they’re not free). But tickets are decently priced (imo) and $22 each and proceeds go towards charity. The room is smaller and there are fewer people and are basically one hour Q&A’s and shooting the shit with cast&crew or person. It’s just all more fun and less hectic and the audience members are actually there for the person/show on stage. Some of my favorites were: Orphan Black Cast & Creators, Hannibal Cast & Creators, Mystery Panel but my definite favorite was the Haven Cast & Creators panel. They are hilarious and drunk and even if you don’t know what the show is about, just watch the panel (then watch the show!). It’s a breath of fresh air (their actual Comic-Con panel is also hilarious. All the hugs!). I haven’t watched the Tom Hiddleston one yet, but I’m sure it’s unsurprisingly great.

Also went to see Pacific Rim on Sunday night and holy shit. It. Was. Amazing. AMAZING. Possibly one of my new favorite movies. Granted, the movie is far from perfect and the dialogue was probably the weak point (had excellent lines and not so excellent lines), but nothing cringeworthy and the parts of the movie I loved made up for any quibbles. Simply a stunning movie, novel monsters/aliens, amazing sets and costumes. And holy shit the cast had great chemistry. Then again, what could go wrong with Charlie Hunnam + Idris Elba + Guillermo del Toro + Rinko Kikuchi?! Need to see it again and can’t wait for the sequel (pretty much confirmed, I think?).

Anyway, since I left my camera at home, I’m making do with my iPhone and stuff I have here. Which will be about perfume. Stay tuned!

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